Wednesday, July 25, 2012

summer 2012

We just looked online and found out that school starts in 3 weeks.


Yes, 3 weeks!

We are going to miss Wendell and the summer fun. Sniff, sniff.

snack time in a fort

We have been very busy this summer.. doing lots of fun stuff.

I did not take this.. but it doesn't surprise me.

We have had family visit us, we have visited family, we have played outside, we have driven to parks, we have been to the beach, we have read lots of books, we have tried new foods, we have...

The reason I took this is because of the 'stickers' we used.  The black squares are from the grippy tape we put on the steps, we had some leftover so I cut them up.  Love the Christmas bow? : )  A random stamp sticker and labels.  We've also been collecting stickers off the fresh fruits we eat.  Don't worry, we have plenty of real stickers, I just like getting creative with what we stick.  This humors me.

not really taken a lot of pictures, but we have had lots of fun.

Wendell drew our family picture. Can you guess who is who?

..... met a lot of new people, played with old friends, and spent time with God.

Phil's mom Charlotte came to visit a few days.  Sure nice having an adult around!
What haven't we done?  Well, I haven't been cleaning much - just mopped the kitchen floor for the first time since Ali was born (yuck), I try to keep the bathroom clean, and vacuuming.. well that has to be done because we have carpet in the dining room.  I haven't been on the computer much (sorry mom), I haven't been on the phone much (sorry sis). And I really haven't been cooking that much (started doing freezer meals)....

me and my precious little girl

We still have a lot more to do, like a baptism, two weddings, a few more visitors, some school clothes shopping   ....

My bubble blower.. she was blowing bubbles when she was born.  Seriously, the moment Ali came out she was quiet, no crying, looking around and creating these slobber bubbles.  The doc and nurses just looked at her like.. are you okay?

Will it be another month before I post?  Probably.  Hopefully I will start taking more pictures... I don't want to forget all the fun we're having.  I think once school starts, I'll have a little more time to myself to blog and look at pictures... maybe get the baby book up to date, some baby pictures printed off, some cards organized.  Maybe... maybe this whirlwind will never end.