Monday, October 27, 2008

What is a placemat?

According to Wikipedia a placemat is a protective table pad used to protect the dinner table from water marks, food stains or heat damage. Wendell had a different idea for his new Halloween placemat that he got from Grandma Val and Grandpa Jim. As soon as he got up from his nap and I showed it to him, he knew just what to do with it. Kids do the darnedest things.. what have your little ones done lately?

Our little helper's...

This weekend we played outside in the leaves and raked them all up, it's just too bad we didn't bag them too because they are now gone with the wind, our piles are pretty much gone. We had fun though.

Buster did his part by breaking down sticks for us.

Wendell decided to he was going to help out by raking, here he is with the BIG rake.

Here Wendell is getting a kick out the leaves, he enjoyed throwing them up and letting them fall on his face.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KWWL Channel 7 News Station

If you get a minute, you can watch this on KWWL channel 7. It will be on at random times.. possibly at the end of the noon news tomorrow (Wed.)

Update on my Life

Attached is my most recent favorite picture of Wendell... my little angel.
Recently, Wendell went out to a local farm fall festival and he got to touch hay bales (but didn't want to climb on them), he touched the pony (but didn't want to ride it), went on a hay ride (and amazing sat on my lap the whole time) and played with Kirby the Kangaroo. So that was a fun afternoon.
This past weekend we went to Davenport to see Phil's family. We had a nice relaxing time.
And I thought I'd take a moment to update all of you on my life. If you've kept up on my posts you will see that discipline and cleaning have been of concern lately. I agreed to do my 30 minutes of cleaning per day (see other post), and did quite well for a few days. I'd say my house is pretty organized right now, but there are still lots of projects that could be done... I know this will be a forever battle but if I do a little bit each day then I don't have to feel guilty (thanks for the advice Sarah!). I'm also looking forward to my parents taking Wendell for a few days as a mommy vacation is long overdue. As far as discipline goes... well the time outs continue to go well (he sits for them and it at least gives me a break). He continues to not listen to me when I am talking to him and this can be very frustrating. Yesterday morning didn't go so well, I had become quite frustrated because it seemed like I'd put one thing away and Wendell would pull two things out.. I was not making good progress with cleaning up and Wendell wasn't really helping matters. Basically, I got really angry and yelled him (because he wasn't following my directions nor listening). Of course, 3 seconds later, he's smiling like it never happened (and I'm red at a tomato with fire coming out of my ears). So I tell him very sternly " you need to listen to me" and point to my ears (did I mention I'm not very happy at this point). So what does he do?? He smiles his little happy grin and points to his ears like we're playing a game. Well, at least he doesn't hold grudges... I am learning that as a human, I become angry (even with my precious little child), and it's okay to be angry but sometimes I need to take a break and get some space... so the game plan for next time, is that instead of yelling at him, he will be going to his room (great idea Kathryn!) so I can cool off in a more loving manner. Any other ideas on how to deal with anger?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

cleaning lady?

Some days I think I'd like to hire a cleaning lady. When I sit and think about the odds-n-ends cleaning "projects" that I'd like to do, I realize my list just goes on and on. Not to mention that about the time I'd actually get the list done, then I'd have to start over. Recently, I FINALLY got the blinds and windows cleaned in our house, something that I've been meaning to do all summer. So I cross that off my to do list and start to think the list is starting to look pretty short (Hah!). I took a moment today to think of what I need to add to the list and here is what I can think of right off hand: vacuum/sweep the basement floor, paint the hallway/upstairs bedroom, put in the new linoleum floor, dust and vacuum upstairs, wash/iron/rehang the curtains, clean off the top of the fridge, sweep/mop under the stove and fridge, clean the carpets, vacuum out my car, clean out the garage, wipe down the kitchen walls (where the food splatters), wash down Wendell's toys, go through the black cabinet on the porch, go through my cupboards, better yet, go through all the storage tubs in the basement, clean out the computer hutch, get out my Halloween decorations, update Wendell's baby book... now here is Phil's list: rake the leaves, tear out the garden, can some more pickle relish. Not to mention our "normal weekly to do list": vacuum, sweep, dishes, spot clean the bathroom, take out the trash, pick up after Wendell (and ourselves), laundry, did I mention dishes (we have two dishwashers - my two hands), give Wendell a bath (Phil's job), take my own shower/get dressed, cook, exercise, keep Wendell occupied/out of trouble ... right now I'm lucky if I've showered and put on clean clothes by the end of the day let alone crossed something off my list. So what's on your to do list? Would you ever hire a cleaning lady?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A or B kind of mom?

Do I want to be an A or B kind of mom?

(this is the effect of an "A" mom -notice the smile)

A = Pushover mom who believes in "compromise" but feels very loving about it

B = Unhappy mom who says no and sticks to it but feels mean and strung out all the time

I need a little advice from you.. I've been a "pushover" mom since day one but have realized that I need to start standing my ground. I feel like I've been telling myself that compromise or win-win situations are the best.. but are they the best with a toddler?

Example #1. The other morning Wendell didn't want to take his p.j. shirt off so I decided to put his t'shirt on over it. (Looking back, I realize that was totally a pushover mom but it was also a compromise, right? nothing wrong with having two shirts on?)

Example #2. Wendell, Buster (our dog) and I decide to go for a walk. Wendell would rather push his little lawn mower around but Buster is wanting a walk too (and both can't happen at the same time), so I ask Wendell to get in the stroller and he does but he brings his mower with him. So for 1/2 block he is pushing his lawn mower while I push him in the stroller (later we ditched the mower and put it in the back of the stroller). Pushover mom? I see it as a "survive the walk" tactic.

Example #3. Wendell is outside playing with his car and pushing it around. He decides to go in the neighbors driveway (which is okay) but then decides to go up closer to her house (which he knows he's not supposed to) so I give a warning, "you need to turn around" in such a sweet loving voice, he does not respond, so the second reminder I say "you need to come back, now or we'll go inside" a little more serious... and still no response. The third time, in a very stern/mean voice "come back now or we go inside"... and Mr. Wendell looks toward me with his little grin and comes back like a sweet little angel. Why did it take the 3rd try? My "stern" voice? Now I feel like a mean mom who's out in public yelling at her kid.

So, what kind of mom are you? A or B.. and how do we survive this roller coaster?

(this is the effect of a "B" kind of mom)