Thursday, October 25, 2012

a race, a football game, and a few silly faces

Well, hello there!

 Wendell loves to bike, Harlie loves to swim, will Ali love yoga? 
Phil ran in the Grant Wheeler 5k at church last weekend.  He made good time so that's nice.  I wish I could have joined him but my back is still giving me fits.  A year ago I did a triathlon and now I'm barely walking.  Ergg...  I hope by taking some time off I'll be able to get back next spring.

A couple of weeks ago Phil taped at a game in W'loo so we loaded the kids and took them along. 

 Although I've seen him tape at games from long ago, the kids never have so it was fun.  But they were more excited about the game then daddy taping.  Highlights were climbing the bleachers to the top, watching the players smash through the Homecoming paper when they ran on the field, watching the ball fly in the sky at kick off, then walking behind the bleachers, seeing an old babysitter in the band, hot dogs and popcorn (how could I say no?) and of course, checking out the bathroom.  On a side note, we happened to be at Columbus which is a Catholic school; but it was pretty neat to hear a prayer before the game started... something we don't see in public schools.


Here we went fishing.  Didn't catch anything though.  I'm excited to take Wendell again.  I love to fish, and I think he will too.

What have we here?  Some serious bedhead.  That was a beehive!

 Sometimes the kids sneak down to our bed, especially when I'm at work.  Here they both did.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

more good books!

Here's a story for you!  While pregnant (and honestly, I'm still there), the thought of going to the library to borrow books seemed like such a chore, especially with kids in tow.  The thought of looking, standing, and carrying a stack of books while pregnant around a library just sounded painful!  I jokingly told a friend that I wish they had wheelchairs there so I could sit and browse sitting and rolling (really, though, wouldn't that be nice!).  So although I love to read books, I'm not a huge fan of looking for books at the library.

So through facebook, I had a nudging to ask a facebook friend if she had some books I could borrow, someone I really don't know well but who's husband works with my husband.  (Side note: it turns out EVERYONE in Cedar Falls/Waterloo knows Gabbi Dewitt but seems that it's all connected in odd twists and turns. )  Within a day she had sent about 20 books my way.  What a huge blessing! So an adventure began!  I decided I was NOT going to pick through the bag, although I was very tempted.  I would pick out one book at a time, give it a chance and if I liked it good if not it went in the 'done' pile.

So over 6 months later, I have completed the pile!

Here are the books I liked:
Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry (it was having a book with the name Wendell : )
A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel
If I live to be 100 by Neenah Ellis
I am Nujood, Age 10 and divorced by Nujood Ali
Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson
As We Are Now by May Sarton
Half A Life by Darin Strauss
First, You Cry by Betty Rollin

I learned one thing, I do NOT like Jodi Picoult's book.  Her writing skills are great, her story's are too strong/controversial for me.

I also learned that having a stack a books was GREAT so a few months ago when I actually had some free time, and no preggo belly to lug around, I went to Goodwill and bought a bunch of books.  I put them in a bag and have already forgotten about them.  Now that I'm done with Gabbi's stack I will start on my own by pulling out one book at a time and see what I find!

fall fun!

We visited the 'farm'.  Well, it's not really a farm.  I grew up in the country, around farmers, but my parents did not farm themselves.  Here is Harlie holding a beloved kitten.  She loved them, they loved her yet there were lots of scratch marks.

Some times we use my nursing cover as a blanket for Ali.  Here is Wendell, on the way home from my parents, sleeping with the 'blanket'.  Great idea Wendell!
This is only the begining...

 here comes some fun!
(I call this trailer the 'red tomato')

 oh yah! who wouldn't love this?
 Harlie's in on it too!

 ohhh.. so handsome!

 that's my girl!
  yep, we filled it up
 saw this turkey on the way to the yard waste center
 got home and found this.. I wasn't too surprised.
Every year we take pictures on the day we rake leaves and every year its so fun!  This year I convinced Phil to leave a pile for the kids to play in.  I figure we can have at least one pile to play in for a few weeks.  The kids love to rake it up, then jump in it, like most kids. The other day they made a 'birds nest'.  The ideas they have are so creative!
So I thought if I took Wendell on a bike ride then I'd take Harlie on one too!

We rode for about 20 minutes and hiked/explored for about 10.  She might be more of a hiker than a biker.  Only time will tell..  either way I'm glad ours kids like being out in nature.

Just like me when I was a kid, she likes rocks.  And my mom has some funny stories to tell you about my childhood and rocks. 30 years later, I can see Harlie is just like me with a love for rocks.  This rock was a token she found while out on our bike ride.  I asked how she was going to get it home and she said 'your bag'.  Well, I didn't have my bag so this little squirt put it in my water bottle cage.  Great idea Harlie! It did make it safely home : )


 Peace out.