Friday, July 29, 2011


We started Tball this week and I never thought it would be SOOO funny! Watching these kids learn to play is just a hoot. It's just like the movies - balls rolling under their glove, digging in the dirt while waiting for the batter to bat, watching the ball land BEFORE running to first base. I was laughing out loud when they had the kids line up and face each other so they could play catch with each other. One would throw, it would roll under the "partners" legs so that player would run to retrieve it. When they'd come back to the line they wouldn't remember who their partner was so they'd just get in line at an open spot (usually not their own). They had no concept of keeping the same partner and it was musical partner instead of musical chairs.

It was so funny and such a sweet memory. Wendell go this hat and tshirt so I'll have to take a picture. What's amazing is on the second night, they were all doing so much better. Anyways, we have this for 3 more weeks and then school starts! Summer is going to go fast now!

pre-k at Edison

School starts soon and we just got Wendell's acceptance letter for preschool at Edison. We decided about two months ago that we would send him if he got accepted. For anyone that doesn't know, Edison is the public school across the street. The good news.. it's FREE! So we couldn't really turn that down. The not so great news.. he will be going 4 full days a week. 9am-3:15pm (which is a long day for me to miss my little boy) and it's public school so no more christian education at school. But it works out better for Harlie's nap for him to go all day instead of 1/2 days and at least I still have Wednesday with him at home. I just hope I don't look back some day and ask myself why I sent him so soon. But I know he will like it, it will be good for him, and in the end I will probably enjoy the break myself.

Interestingly, he will also be in dress code like the rest of Waterloo schools so we will need to go shopping soon for some dress pants and polo's. I will also have to decide if he will be eating breakfast at home or school (he's not a big breakfast eater in general) AND if I want to pack a lunch or have him eat school lunch. I'm guessing I will do some of everything but I know I won't be packing a lunch everyday as that seems like a lot of work.

We also found out that 1/2 way through the year he will move to the new school that is the old Black Hawk School. I don't know the name of it right off hand but it will be a new school so that will be good, and it will be the school he'll go to next year for kindergarten. So for 1/2 the year we can walk him across the street and for the other 1/2 we will drive him (which takes about 5 minutes to get there).

I am very pleased with the 9am start time as that is so much easier on us with our work and work out schedule. It looks like we (pre-k) don't start until August 23rd so that's nice.
Anyways, just wanted to keep everyone posted.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new addiction

I'm not usually a big coffee fan but I have found that if I drink coffee around 10/11am then I don't need an afternoon nap. Wuweee!!! Right in time because Harlie has been crawling out of her crib lately so I suspect nap time will be more interesting.. and more of a struggle : ( I think I can handle this much better, if I'm not so tired. So, I thank God for this, as when I'm tired.. I'm not fun to be around. The other day Phil bought me an iced coffee from a coffee shop.. so with it being hot out, I might start drinking these too. So I guess coffee is my new friend. Low calorie with high dose of caffeine and a little more "natural" than a can of pop. But some days I might have to drink a pop instead.. I'm still not a huge fan of coffee and after a few days, it gets old... and some days, I'd rather just take a nap.

Olympic distance

So as most of you heard through Facebook, I did it. I signed up for the Olympic distance triathlon at Peregrine Charities in Waterloo at the end of September. It's the same race as last year but a longer version.
Here are the stats..
1500 meter swim (about a mile)
40K bike ride (25 miles)
6.2 mile run
I have already been swimming the 1500 meter at the open water swims this summer and I've been running about 5 miles (close enough to 6).
Now I just need to work on my biking. I have rode about 3 times this summer on the open road and it has been a struggle. My bike has been acting up (breaks and tire pressure) but Phil has done some tuning on it. I think I need to take it in for a real tune up as my breaks keep having issues.
Anyways, I have been debating for about 2 months on what to do and I finally just decided to go for it. My goal: 1. to finish 2. expected time 3 hr. 45 min.
I think after this triathlon I'm going to change it up a bit this winter... maybe take an aerobic class or something.
And.. this will be another attempt at loosing that last 15-20 lbs that is driving me nuts.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

beat the heat

play games...

eat corn on the cob...

play dress up...

Phil and our friend Rooney after their triathlon down near Des Moines. Rooney and I might do the Olympic distance triathlon this September... more details on that later. I could see Phil running about 1/4 mile away.. his shirt glows (it's for safety on his open road bike rides).

new rules

So maybe I'm not done blogging.. I see I am missing out on highlights of my friends life and some funny stories.. and some stories to help beat the heat. But maybe I'll set some new rules.. only commenting on blog posts that I really have something to say other than.. " soo cute".. unless it's a new baby that REALLY is sooo cute. So I might limit my commenting to ... well real comments.
And I'll only get on blog world when I really have some free/down time... or need some down time.
And I might not be posting as often.
And I'll just pray then when it/if I'm editing that all goes well. Editing and me just don't get along so it seems to cause issues.
But we'll see.. I don't think I can say good bye totally but maybe just limit myself a little bit to once a week or so.
So.. hope all is well. I do have some thoughts I could post but they'll have to wait.. Wendell wants me to play a game with him and that is more important that blogging so.. good bye for today.
And I won't be spell checking and rereading several times so.. sorry if there are any typos.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm back online for email but I'm not really excited about blogging. It takes a lot of time and often is very frustrating for me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet but I think I'll continue my break for now. Maybe one of these days I'll just feel the need to post something and I'll start up again. Just the thought of uploading pictures, writing and then editing does not sound appealing. And quite honestly, keeping up on reading everyone elses blogs was starting to just feel like another task on my to do list. Maybe one of these days I'll be sitting around bored but right now, I'm feel busy with life.. and kids. We'll see what happens.. so for now, I'm still off blogging.