Friday, January 29, 2010

5 months old

It's hard to believe that Miss Harlianne is already 5 months old. She's rolling all over the place, chewing on everything that she can get her hands on, laughs when Buster barks, and just last night she ate her first bowl of rice cereal.. meaning she actually swallowed some of it, with a smile on her face. So far she's pretty quiet most of the time and watches what's going on but if we leave the room she knows it and cries until we come back. She pretty much sleeps through the night, usually going to bed around 8 or 9 pm and gets up around 6:30/7:30 am. My working overnights doesn't seem to bother her and she takes a bottle really well for Phil in the mornings that I work.

If all goes as planned, we'll be going to an indoor pool birthday party this weekend so we'll see what she thinks of the big pool. She loves making giant splashes in the bathtub so I'm excited to see her reaction. Hopefully the water is warm otherwise, it might not be so fun.

So here's to a belated Happy 5 Months Birthday Miss Harlie!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the big T

In the past week I've been thinking a lot about the big T and I will admit I'm starting to get nervous and excited at the same time. There is a big part of me that feels like I can't do it physically and that it will take a lot of $$ to accomplish this goal; so today I've labeled it the big T. In a previous post, I mentioned that this is the year to accomplish one of my life goals and that is to complete a TRIATHLON. **** yes, I've said it... a... TRIATHLON!!!***

I've had a lot of homework to do here's what I've got so far...

1. picking my race

  • there are a few different web sites that list different events of the year so I've been scanning them. Here are the two that I've been using and
  • things to think about: time of year (I'd rather compete in August as it gives me the summer to train for the swimming portion and who wants to swim outside in the cold), time of day (most of the ones I've considered are early in the morning) and what distance I can/want to do. Since I don't think I can do a full triathlon (about 1200m swim, 25+ mile bike, and 6 mile run) then I'm hoping to do a sprint triathlon which is about a 500m swim, 16 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run.

  • so with all this in mind, right now I'm favoring one at Camp Courageous I haven't fully committed to this one as I'm still watching my options but so far this one sounds about the best to me. And I volunteered at this camp back in college so it would be kind of fun to go back. If I remember correctly it is a pretty scenic area. But today, I just heard about a possible sprint triathlon at George Wyth so I'll be looking for this one as close and comfort sounds the best.

2. training

  • swim - I have four options of where I can do some swimming. Unfortunately they all cost money so that means I needed to do some homework and Phil is planning on doing a triathlon as well so we're looking at two swim passes not just one. Option 1. YMCA 2. YWCA 3. River Plaza (discount through me work) and 4. Public pool - Byrnes and Gates park. Once I actually pick a location then the real learning begins. I looked online and found a training video for a triathlon which I'm excited to watch and hopefully learn from. I'm also hoping my friend Sarah C. can give me some pointers since she's a swimmer herself. I also just heard that they are going to do some open swims at George Wyth this summer which I'm pretty excited about. I know the open waters will be a very different experience than the pool.

  • bike - I currently have an old clunker of a bike but it will probably have to make due for this year. I am hoping to purchase a bicycle/stroller trailer so that I can take the kids biking and for jogs this summer. (I think technically Harlie is suppose to be at least one year old but since she's already the size of a one year old then I think she'll be okay to ride in one come May/June; and I'm not planning to do any wild riding.)

  • running - so far I have this down pretty good. I assume that this will be a jog for me during the actual triathlon since it's the last leg but I plan to try my best and assume not to make records times.

3. attire (hopefully not wearing the several layers that I wear now to go out running in the cold)

  • swimsuit - I do own a 'pretty' swimsuit but not an athletic one. My current suit is technically a two piece with black shorts for the bottoms so I'm planning to wear those and then a sports bra and a tight tank top that's made special to dry easily
  • bike/run - I will then add on some real shorts, socks/shoes to complete my attire.
  • I already own all that I need so hopefully no cost there.

4. schedules

  • this will be a hard one because Phil and I will basically be dual training for most of the spring/summer. Most likely we will end up at the YWCA or River Plaza. There are pro's and con's to both. YWCA has some free childcare but it's very limited as are their open swim times. River plaza has open swimming almost all the time but no childcare. I think we'll be checking prices and looking at the pool before we decide. Price will probably be the main factor. Hopefully we can swim in the morning, during lunch and at night if necessary so we won't need a babysitter.

Actual training will hopefully start in February. I plan to do some strength training (lifting weights, lunges, squats and jumping rope) and hopefully start swimming soon. When the weather is nicer I'll get my bike up and running and hopefully have a trailer by then.

I know this all sounds crazy. I feel crazy for being a 32 year old doing all this but physical exercise is necessary to stay healthy and having a goal makes it much more fun. My dream goal would to be to also loose about 30 more pounds and with all this exercise it just might be possible. So, I'll keep you posted on my progress. For now, it's just doing my homework and getting geared up. Next month, the hard work begins!!

The pictures I've attached are of a few fun ones that Phil took (per my request) after my run today. I thought you might like a view of what I look like out there in this crazy weather. And if you know the true Heather then you know I have a goofy side so that is what I leave you with, a smiling, happy go lucky, goof ball, ME, posing for the camera.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Our little Harlianne is now mobile. As of yesterday morning, she could roll back to belly (which she can do very well) then last night for the first time she rolled belly to back but was just rolling the same way one way and the opposite way back so she'd always end up back in the same spot. As of this morning, she has rolled and rolled herself across the floor until she hit a road block so she must have figured it out. It's fun to see her get around now but I'm sure I'll have to keep an better eye on her too. Also with this rolling over, she has been sleeping on her tummy a lot more. For about a month now she'd just cry and cry when she was stuck on her tummy, now she lays her head down and go to sleep. Although it worries me a bit, sometimes she tends to sleep better so that's a perk. On a side note, she can also scootch herself backwards a little. One night she made it about a foot going backwards. I'm guessing she will be going backwards soon and then eventually army crawling forward... but hopefully she waits a couple of months!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

All in Perspective

In the last few days I've learned a couple things about my perspective on my life. A few weeks ago I would have told you that I was most likely quitting my job and transferring to a different house (same job, same company, different group home) that I had recently applied for. My current job was tearing me down and making me very tired and stressed (we got a new lady when I went on maternity leave and I rarely get to sleep through the night and I was having some issues with my supervisor). But after doing a site visit to another site last week I realize that my job isn't so bad for several reasons that I won't go into.... but I've been working this weekend and feel that my job is just fine. Last week I hated it.. this week, it's not so bad.

Another issue on perspective is that I'm still running this winter.. I ran through the cold even in the negative temps. When 30 degree's first hit this winter I thought it was cold but now that we've survived the -20's then +30 feels great. So running has been much better (as long as roads aren't too snowy) and playing outside has been a possibility again. So, two months ago 30 was cold.. today, 30 is nice and toasty.

Sometimes, I think God has a funny way of showing us that life is okay just as it is. The grass may seem greener on the other side but sometimes our side is just as luscious.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010


I've been thinking about the start of 2010 and wondering how to state my goals for the year and it comes down to one word * DISCIPLINE *. I want more discipline in my eating habits, follow through (especially with the simple things; like take my shoes off at the door and then put them away), being more playful with Wendell and Harlie and overall growth/learning. I feel like I do okay in most of these areas but I want to do better. Another thing is that I want to simplify my life... and I want to be more focused on the present time, not the future or the past.

A couple of very specific goals for both Phil and I are to go backpacking (just the two of us) and to complete a triathlon. Both to be done this summer. We are also hoping to move this year to a bigger house and I'm thinking about transferring jobs soon. By the end of the year, we will also be deciding on baby #3. So a lot for us this next year but all good things to think about.

May God bless us all this year as we lean towards him for guidance (I know we will need it!).
So with that, I say welcome to the year 2010!

** on a side note, Phil and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage today! Phil took the day off so we had fun spending the day together. For fun, I gave my wedding dress some fresh air by trying it on. It pretty much looks the same only a little too big for me now. We dug out the tub titled 'wedding' and looked through it and reviewed who came to our wedding with only a few names of whom we didn't know. We also saw that our silverware is now tarnished but repairable if we want. We read through our wedding vows and also some of the advice we were given at a shower. So a fun day we have had, and a great 10 years!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, we survived our 9 Christmas' and 1 birthday party for closing up 2009. Unfortunately, this time of year is always pretty tiring for us due to all the traveling that we do. This last weekend made for the 3rd weekend in a row for being out of town and that always wears us out (and doesn't count all the Thanksgiving travel a few weeks before that). It is always nice to see family and friends and to catch up on each others lives, I just wish it didn't have to happen all at one time. I will say though, when I reflect on the reason why we have Christmas, it makes me disappointed in myself. I like to think that God is happy that we celebrate the birth of his son but most likely is highly disappointed and angry at the outcome. I know that Christmas shouldn't be about gifts, food, family and a tree but yet, I still do it. Phil and I did talk about how we as our own family plan to do Christmas next year and hopefully following years. So far, I'm planning to make some kind of cupcakes/muffins so we can sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning and Phil likes the idea of 3 gifts (one worth $, one piece of clothing, and one faith centered item) from the wise men. We did go to the Christmas Eve church service and will plan to continue to do that. But so far I'm adding more things in (that are important) but some day, we might need to consider taking things out, like the constant travel.

On a good note, 2010 is well underway, a little cold but underway. I have been thinking about a few goals but will share them another time. For now, here are some fun pictures from the last few weeks. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!