Saturday, January 24, 2009


176 is the heartbeat of the new little creation growing in my tummy. Yes, if you haven't heard, Wendell is going to be a big brother because I'm pregnant! As of tomorrow I will be 11 weeks along. I had our first official appointment yesterday and everything looks good. I even got an ultrasound so Phil and I got to see the 4.26 cm peanut and his/her heart beating away. So, I'm due August 16th.

For the most part, I feel pretty good most of the time. I just get tired in the afternoons but I think there are other factors that contribute to that. Overall, I'm one of the lucky ones when it comes to dealing with the first trimester.

I hope you enjoy the picture and we look forward to keeping you updated!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January Blues

Here are the latest pictures of our family. I hope you enjoy!

This first one is of Wendell when he gets too much time on his hands. Apparently he wanted his shirt off but 1/2 way was good enough. I think I let him walk around with it like this for about an hour before I fixed it. Either way, he didn't care.

This is part of our current fun time due to not being able to go outside. We tried painting and coloring but play dough is his current favorite. Amazing, it entertains him for quite awhile.

Whenever Phil and I stretch or exercise, Wendell is right there with us. Here he is "stretching" with Phil.

This next photo is of the beautiful roses that Phil got me for our anniversary. I'm one of those people who likes flowers every once in awhile and Phil did a great job picking out these beauties. Go Phil!

And our last picture for the day is the funny Wendell up to his antics again. Every once in awhile when he sits with Phil to watch tv he likes to put his hand in Phil's pocket. It just sits there, just keeping warm I guess?

Hope you are all staying warm if you are in Iowa. My mom (who lives in Florida) sends a message that there is a cold front in Florida too, yeah, it's in the 70's.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

9 years already?

Phil and I have almost been married 9 years!

This is us in June 1997, this would be six months after we officially started dating. Can you tell I'm only 19? still a teenager!! And that would make Phil 20.

Next is our wedding picture on January 8th, 2000. Looking good!

And this is us today, taken over the weekend. Aww.. how cute.

Happy 2009

Happy New Year to all!

I hope you are all having a great 2009 and keeping up with those new year's resolutions. I don't really have one but I have been trying to focus on "enjoying the moment", especially knowing that Wendell is growing up so fast and will be 20 before I know it. I want to at least know that I slowed down to enjoy these fun toddler years. This has been an exciting week for me because my life can get back to normal! We had our last Christmas celebration this last weekend and we also celebrated my 31st birthday so I'm officially in my 30's now.

The picture below is, yes, me being silly. This is an "extreme" smile of joy because Phil got me an electric blanket for my birthday. I have been so cold this winter, I had thrown out the idea that we turn up the heat for my birthday but he bought me this throw instead.

And for the next picture: Well, there's more to this story but I'll have to tell you later....
Happy 2009!!!