Sunday, January 30, 2011

snow shoeing

Phil and I went on a "cold" date Friday night and went out snowshoeing at Hartman Reserve. It was a free event so we couldn't pass it up.

Sorry for the not so great pictures, they are off Phil's cell phone. But we had a great time and it was quite the hike. Here is what inspired us There is a video on their homepage. We went down a hill very similar to that but it was a straight shot down, except for a few small tree's. I slid down on my butt and it was so steep that I almost plowed Phil over. I had to grab a tree so I didn't claw him with my shoes. Anyways, it was dark outside so it made for an interesting hike. We ended up all going out on a pond and got to see some stars which was pretty cool. I think there were about 50 people out hiking together. It has inspired me to hopefully take Wendell and Harlie out hiking sometime. Phil volunteered to carry Harlie in the back pack and I think they both would love it as long as we dressed warm.

For some reason, I have just loved this winter. We have been playing outside more than ever and I love hiking/running in the fresh air, even if it's cold. We have made two snowmen, been feeding the birds, sledding, and "digging" in the snow as well.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

picked and popped

Well, I had to come up with something clever for the title : )

Picked - I think I have picked one of my races for this year and I'm really excited! I believe there is a sprint triathlon in July called the Cornman that is in Gladbrook, Iowa (I was going to do this last year but had a family vacation that came up). The Cornman has all the components I want - good time of year, good location, good distance. So, for now I'm excited to report that I'm planning to do another triathlon. With that decision then I have no guilt in buying a new women's bike seat that will fit my sit bones (hopefully it works). And I also plan to buy a few items for the pool (flippers and a buoy - both relatively inexpensive at So with a road bike and hopefully a correct swim technique then I can shave some time off compared to my last race. Now I just need to find a brave soul to do it with me. (Sarah - I think we need to chat more.. maybe, just maybe, I can convince you, I have an idea : )

And #2.

Popped - For the first time in my life I went to a chiropractor today. I needed something because for the last month or so I've been waking up around 4am with a major back ache. A LOT worse then when I was pregnant. So bad that I lay there in pain and can't go back to sleep.. and can barely roll over. So, I thought I could call my doctor but I know she would make me get an x-ray, PT, and of course a follow up appointment. So I thought I'd check into a chiro where maybe one or two pops and I can be back to normal. Well, luckily, insurance covers most of it (even thought they only charge $20 regardless if you have insurance). So I went tonight and had no idea what I was getting into. It started with me getting a 10 minute aquatic massage, then she (the chiro) popped my back and did some pounding. She informed me that one leg was about 1 inch shorter than the other and was most likely causing the problem, pop pop, fixed that problem - they are now aligned (hopefully they stay that way). And afterwards, I could really tell one leg was longer - it felt too long : ) She twisted my neck (my biggest fear - but it wasn't too bad - just loud pops). Then she gave me electro shocks on my back in my problem area - it felt like a vibrating massage pillow. I iced my back when I got home and I'll be going to sleep soon. Hopefully I sleep like a baby.. and am not too stiff to get out bed in the morning. She said it might hurt a little but really shouldn't hurt too much. I go back next week to check in and see what my body does - hopefully it stays aligned so I don't have to keep going back.

Anyways, if I feel better tomorrow then I highly recommend it! I am planning to send Phil as his shoulder has been hurting him but at this point PT isn't helping too much. If all else, the massage was good and it feels good to know my body is aligned.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

race dilema

So Phil and I are already pondering what races we will do this year. I know looking back on my triathlon last year, I was so glad to complete it although the training got to be tiring and drawn out. Since then, I've kept up on my running, biking, and swimming so the question is do I do another one this year? If so, how long of one (sprint vs. olympic)? And, how far do I want to travel (translation: how early do I want to get up to drive to a race)? Do I want to swim in cold water again? Nope. When June rolls around, will the water be warm? Would I rather just take a stab at a 10k and practice running further, but keep swimming and biking simply because I enjoy it. On a side note, part of my winter exercise has been to bike using our indoor bike trainer. Since Phil now uses his fancy new bike then I have been trying his road bike which would be much faster than my hybrid bike for a race. The only hang up is that the seat is made for a man and their tiny narrow sit bones and my sit bones are in need of a woman's seat. So do I spent the $60 to buy a decent seat, hoping it works even if I don't do a race this year? (And I don't believe I can just switch my hybrid bike seat to the road bike because they are designed to be sat on differently - the road bike has me lean over and my hybrid has me sit up so the pressure is different).

Anyways, who knows what the year will bring. It seems too early to decide but really I'm just trying to decide if I should buy a new bike seat so I can keep riding Phil's road bike. I guess for now I can just ride my hybrid on the bike trainer and decide later if I want to ride Phil's bike.

In the next few weeks I'll be gearing up for a 5k in February. My friend Sarah is doing her own race for fun called the Cocoa Go Go. It should be interesting all of us running in the middle of February in full out Iowa winter. We might be skating along instead of running.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

cleaning out

So I'm in the process of decluttering the house and decided that I don't need to keep this bouquet any more. Some how in conversation I asked Wendell what we should do with them. Oh the things kids think and say...

Wendell's idea - Put them in my fish tank for my fish!

Great idea but I don't think they'll fit.. and I don't think they're aquatic safe. Maybe next time bud.. but for the time being you sure gave your mama a good laugh.

Gotta love 'em!

2011 is here..

The new year is here and life is the same but different, especially compared to a year ago. Harlie and Wendell have changed so much that it's just incredible. As Wendell exits the rascally toddler stage, Harlie enters it. So far, this has been the best winter I've had in a few years because both kids are old enough to go out and play in the snow.. so we actually spend some time outside.. all bundled like marshmallows. Wendell is already 4, next year will be my last winter with him home, which saddens me.. I think it's just starting to get fun and then he'll be off to school. Harlie is learning to talk and use words so next year I bet she'll be chitter chattering my ear off. And I hope for me.. well I have a lot of plans for the year ahead of me but I'll save that for another time. So I leave you with some pictures to kick off the year.

Our wonderful family...

This first one is me on my birthday... yep, I'm 33 years old now.

Wendell and his baby.. one of his new best friends. Her name you
ask? Well it changes everyday.. so far it's mostly been Lexi, B, and

Phil and "Cooper" our lego dog we've had for a few days now. Don't confuse
this with Odie, Wendell's imaginary dog we "see" every once in awhile.

My sweet girl little girl (except from 5-7pm). Isn't her pony
cute? She can now say 9 words - thank you, all done, dada,
what/what's that?, mama (not for me though) and out.

  1. Ta-da, Wendell got his hair trimmed! Now he looks like a little boy.. not a shag muffin like his dad. : )