Thursday, February 28, 2013

sick and snow days

Like most people around here, it's been awhile since we've had a full week of school.  Between holidays, sick and snow we have been home more than usual.  And we're loving it for the most part!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! 2013

 'single and lovin' it'       what r u looking at?        cheese!


1. make a box to your love notes in

2. make yourself pretty for the party  (she actually did this last night while at home)

3. have a party  (school is a good place!)

Harlie first

then Wendell


4. time to crash!

I made homemade cards this year but didn't think to 
take a picture ofany of them, ergg.  Maybe I'll snag one 
from my mom as there is a great story behind it!  

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Genesis 6-8 and Matthew

Well, if I keep writing about the Bible then I need to reference what  part I'm reading or I'm going to get lost.

Genesis 6 - in my notes I wrote down, it reminds me of 'tales' like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.  I'm not sure J.R.R. Tolkien had a great imagination along with J.K. Rowling or if God did.  Well, I know the true answer but it's still amazing to read things and to image - imagination - not so much truth.  I feel wrong in saying that but it's true.  There was a lot of adventure in the Bible and a lot of things that stretch our reality.  For example, the people who lives 800-900 years long, or the great flood, or Satan as a serpent.  I see these things in the movies I watch.

baptism - I was amazed to find (as this has been a common question in my life) that there was baptism in the OT.  My question has been, why did John the Baptist baptize?  Where did the idea come from?  I know God but why didn't they talk about the why part in the Bible.  Anyways.. review Ezekiel 36: 25-27 to find some history, behind the history.

baptized with holy spirit and fire - this makes me shiver.  In my commentary it gives a visual of cleaning and refining which leads me to imagine sand being made into glass. Made into something beautiful.  John the B baptized with water and Jesus baptized with the holy spirit and fire.

temptations and tests by God are made for two things 1. to test us or 2. to work on character.  I felt one of my strongest tests by God was about 2 years ago with my job.  It was simple 'math'.  I wasn't sleeping well due to a lady that lived there, I need/ed the job for income.  This was a huge mental battle for me as I was exhausted, drained, turning towards anger, not reacting well, and turning to God whom I felt left me.  I remember for a few months I did not turn my back on God but I did not face him. I declared in my heart that I would stand by him (like a marriage) but I would not talk to him, I did not worship him at church, I did not  like him.  I would love him deep in my soul and I would wait for him to face me.  This was a very hard time for me.. and looking back I know we all go through this.  And we all make a decision whether to 'weather the storm' or turn our back.   Have any of you been through this?

The word midrash came again in my commentary.  This is a word I need to learn more about.

Putting God to the test.. vs trusting God.  I have in the past put issues on a pedestal, handing it to God, watching from below to see what God would do.  Some might say I tested God.. I say I was going to wait and see what God had planned.  Putting God to the test is a big sin in our faith.  Sometimes its hard to let go of issues and not demand an answer vs truly letting go and trusting God.  Letting go is something I need to work on... I think it gets easier with age.

In Matthew when Jesus is tested it says 'he learned to resist the devil'.  In my notes I ask:  How can I recognize him?  How can I resist him?  Many of us christians know how to 'face God and talk to Jesus' but do we know to look for Satan?

A note from church 2 weeks ago... What did I do for God this week?  Is my life a mission trip?  I'm not sure how intentional every decision in my life is to do something for God.  But I know that Phil and I have made A LOT of decisions based on our life being a mission trip.  We just never really looked at it that way.  Something to be more intentional about.

A few more words in the Bible I need to investigate.  What exactly is a blessing and a curse when referenced in the Bible?