Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3 more books

So continuing my compulsion to track the books I've read.. or this case one I have kind of read.

1. Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan - a book about kids in Africa.. real kids, real Africa.  4 short books in one.  I made it through the first one but not the second (I couldn't follow it due to the broken english), then I got through the third and fourth.  The three I read were very sad.  It makes me realize just how much culture and what is ingrained in these families is the problem. It will take generations to 'fix' the problem in Africa (and the middle east).  To a degree, it hard to not JUDGE them for what seems like very poor choices.   I don't use this word often but it's really about ignorance - I truly don't think they know better - the kids - or the parents.  If you ever have a heart for Africa and sponsor (like Phil and me) it truly opens your eyes to their horror.   Pure human horror that they don't see...

On a brighter note..

2. Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Goldberg Gelman - a book about a lady in her 50's that traveled and lived in different cultures; ranging from Mexico, central America, to Indonesia.  I feel like this book could have been better and could have had more deeper interactions.  I did learn a lesson from this woman.  Approaching strangers and actually talking to them to get to know them can be exciting.  Being the person God created me to be, sometimes once I get to talking with someone we can talk nonstop.. me asking question, after question  after question.  Really, most of us live an exciting life.  Just having 3 little ones around makes my life full of stories.  Just going to work, I have a story to tell... and we all do.  And sometimes I love hearing other people stories.  Sometimes, I'm too tired to pay attention to anyone around me and that's okay to a degree.  I do feel God is calling me to come out of my stranger annoyance shell and open up.  The other part of this book that has me really pondering (this goes with the above book) but what are my dreams and passions in life.  I think I am one of those people that 'dreams' of going to Africa to be a missionary but do I really dream this?  Would I really want to see what was going on? As annoyed as I am with talking on the phone with people I can't understand because they have an accent, would I really want to do this?  I hate heat and humidity... and maybe I'm dumb here but isn't that what Africa is?  I don't like the idea of being on a plane for 12 hours.. just the thought gives me the same feeling as being in a space shuttle.  And not to mention people who simply live a lifestyle so different than mine, I don't know if I could go and not be judgmental.  I don't know if I could be all loving as God calls me to do.  So as I've always thought I wanted to go to Africa to be a missionary.. I really don't know.

3. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See - a book about two Chinese teenage girls who were born in Shanghai (the Las Vegas of the USA) and move to the USA as they were forced into an arranged marriage.  And they go through war, death, rape, every horrible thing to get to America where their new family lives in a flea infested apartment.  There life went from Hollywood to dirt poor in a few months.  But they're strong and they make it.  They struggle with the culture changes and deciding how much tradition to keep.  They struggle with the new meaning of family and commitment   It reminds me of me and my family as we make our own decisions outside of what our parents would choose.  It also gives me a strong sympathy for people who are forced or choose to leave their home for a better place.  Not only do they loose their 'home' but they are constantly challenged with how to raise their family - the new way or the old way?  It is also a book about commitment  commitment to you family, your spouse, and the core you.

So after reading these books it poses a few questions to myself.

1. How are ways I can help people here in Iowa, near my home, who are from other cultures to feel like they are welcome?
2. What are my hopes and dreams? Am I doing it?  Are they real or just an idea that sounds good?
3. How do I treat strangers?  Or just people in general who I might not like?
4. How can I NOT be so judgmental of people of other cultures that have different morals/ethics?
5. Pray, pray, pray for God's will on this earth when it comes to cultures who are struggling.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Miss. Ornery

I have started calling him 'Toothless' from How to Train a Dragon  
(that's his second tooth now and two more that are VERY loose!)

wild hair night 

learning to crawl (about a month ago, she can crawl now)

At Wendell's school they send home a new bingo
 chart every month that encourages to try new things
and be active so we bought this star fruit to try.

And we tried kiwi (which Phil and I've had before) but Harlie loves it!   

My sweetie pie being her goofy self. 

Another toothless wonder - 10 months old and still no teeth. 

Ali:  who you lookin' at!?

just a neat picture of our starfruit

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the big wedding project

Remember this?  

It was suppose to be a tease into my latest crafty project.

I think the pictures explain themselves.

My mom made this quilt about 13 years ago out of the leftover 
fabric she had used to make my bridesmaids dresses. (Go mom!)

It has sat around most of the last 13 years.  
After looking through our wedding tub on our anniversary this past January, I fell in love with it  

Thanks Phil!

 That's me and Phil, a genuine smile after we were married.  So young and so happy.. and still are!