Monday, February 27, 2012

bubble gum fun

curiosity/slight fear
mom getting ready

fascination/still some fear


what!  what was that?


For the next 15 minutes all I heard was  'make another one'   'make a big one'   'make it pop again'  'again'   'again'   'again'  ....  : )   It was fun to entertain them but they did have high expectations and wanted immediate results.  I had to explain that it is a process and can't be done quickly.  Luckily neither one of them has expressed any interest in chewing gum or blowing bubbles.. although Harlie loves to use her own saliva to blow bubbles and that's just fine for now.

** my apologies if this grosses anyone out.. there are a few people out there that think gum is gross.

I can still see my step mom giving me the look at any bubbles that are popped, especially during church.  I remember one grandma that would be oh so generous to give me 1/2 stick of gum... what a tease!  The bubble above was three limit for now.  I do see a future of entertainment with gum... the kids and I loved this little activity : )  Maybe next time I'll try and do a video... hmmm.  Wendell loves being camerman so I just might have our next rainy day project.

Do you have any fun gum stories/memories? 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Elliott eyes.. we're all blind as a bat

just another day..

Just another day at the Hunt's.. here's a few fun pictures.

I took this picture because they both had similar shirts on. 

Nothing special.. just an interesting picture of Mr. Wendell

nice 'stache
Wendell in 40 years...

nice goat and 'stache combo
cheese !!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

getting better!

My back is getting much better!  I can safely say something was wrong.. but is healing.  I got a back brace that I think helps a lot.   I'm still pregnant : ), still have pregnancy brain, but the fog is lifting!  Goal this week: to post something positive for you all.. some kid pictures?  some Jesus stuff?  I don't know but that is my goal. Whatever I want.. it's my blog, right? !  : )

Friday, February 10, 2012

pregnancy life

I don't remember pregnancy being so tough... painful body parts, brainless, sluggish, slow, tired, can't move, can't think, can't remember anything... on and on. 

Just getting my thoughts together takes a lot of work for me right now.. it feels ridiculous for someone who is such a thinker like myself.  Is this what old age is like?

I feel like my life is out of control but my brain doesn't care to think about it, my body can hardy move right, work is still crappy but I can't really think about it, it takes 1/2 the day to pass to get a shower in, exercise desires are at a minimum, but for some reason the ice cream keeps my attention and is always calling my name... (I'm going to try really hard to NOT eat any ice cream today).

I think my house is sucking me in..  I need to get out but don't have the physical or brain ability to proactively do so.  And even when I do go out or someone comes here.. I have to hope my back doesn't quit working for me or that I can keep the children in check or get my brain to keep working to accomplish any kind of conversation without getting too distracted. 

I think life is just a fog right now.

But I am at 29 weeks of pregnancy.  Less than 3 months to go.  Then a bright little bundle of joy to keep me up all night : ) So the fog will continue.. for a few months anyways.

I know it will totally be worth it, about a year from now, but for now.. pregnancy can be tough.

The last two weeks, I have been so glad that Wendell is in full day preschool... for his and my own sanity.  : )

Well, my brain is spent, enough thoughts for now.  Hope all is well.. there are many good things going on here too but my brain can't process it all at once..  maybe this weekend I can get some fun pictures posted.