Sunday, August 28, 2011

air show

Phil was fortunate to get free tickets to the air show this weekend.. so we couldn't pass it up.  I will admit my favorite wasn't the planes though, it was the rocket bus.  It was a school bus with a rocket on the back of it - it's reported to be able to go up to 350 miles per hour.  And the beauty of it was the big fireball on the back.  Don't worry, we informed Wendell that his school bus WOULD NOT do this.  But below are just a few of the pictures we took.

this is a parachuter - making a flag like design

this is the Thunderbirds doing their 4 point stunt

covering the ears was only necessary during the Thunderbirds.. and silly Wendell sitting in the stroller

this is a Thunderbird (or F - 16)

this is a T - 83 Avenger

Thanks to Phil for naming all these planes.. I'm not quite the enthusiast but Phil and the kids really enjoyed it so it was worth it.  It was interesting on my bike ride today seeing all the people sitting in various areas to see the planes.  I'm not sure how many people came but they were expecting 100,000, quite the crowd.

** Again, great thanks to Sarah for the advice on the blog.  It's working much better and I'm enjoying posting again!

new batch of books

In the past few months I've realized how important it is that I have a good fiction book on hand.  I've tried non fiction and for the most part.. they don't keep my attention.  So I continue to read when I can and here are some of the latest that I consider worthy of reporting on.

These Is My Words by Nancy Turner Heather's comments: this one was recommended by a Sarah who loved it, but I would consider it an average read.  I didn't LOVE it but glad to read it.  It's a diary of a women who lived during the Oregon Trail days.  (Please note: I love recommendations!!)
The Covenant by Panos Karnezis Heather's comments:  a soap opera at a covenant, it was okay but it could have been better in my opinion.
Lipstick in Afghanistan by Roberta Gately Heather's comments: a good read, it's a story of a lady who goes to Afghanistan to volunteer as a nurse and it's her story, it gives you some incite into what is happening over there (one of those where you hope it's based on truth, and not "American truth")
The Red Thread by Ann Hood Heather's comments: one of the saddest books I've ever ready but very good, it's about all the people involved in the adoption of girls over in China who are given up for adoption - it included the stories of the adoptive moms/dads, the parents who gave up their daughters, and the lady in charge of the adoption agency (who had her own tragic story).  If you don't mind a good cry this book is worth the read.
The Quickening by Michelle Hoover Heather's comments: this one was another average read... a kind of frustrating but "real" ending.  It's about two women neighbors during the depression and how they dealt with life.

Anyways.. I'm onto a new batch of books so hopefully I'll have more reports for you.  Hopefully I will wrap up the next two I have and make another big trip to the library.  I love being able to go and browse alone (usually I pick up about 5 so I have a few in case some don't work out).... going to the library alone is one of those moments that I get some me time and get to relax.  Sometimes I wish I had a wheelchair or a wheely computer chair so I could just browse comfortably as it gets tiring standing that whole time.    

Let me know if you have any recommendations!  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

1st day of preschool

Here we are the first day of 4 year old preschool at Edison Elementary School. We didn't really talk about it to Wendell too much as we had a lot going on the past few weeks and honestly we didn't want to answer a million questions before he started. So I'm not sure how "excited" he was but he was happy to go. It was fun to have it across the street so we could walk to school. It felt more "grown up". Wendell said he enjoyed his first day but commented that it was a different teacher (I think we'll all miss his old teacher). He also saw the bus come in and really wants to ride that (maybe next year).  He said lunch was good (he eats school lunch). I asked what his favorite part of the day was and he said "gym" and the worst part was "quiet time". So far it seems like the first day went well.. excited to see how he changes this year!

The sun is bright!

Here's that adorable smile.

I think we'll go this way...

Let's go!

Nope we'll walk this way to stay safe when crossing the road.

looking a little nervous??

not anymore... we had mostly smiles on the way there with a lot of questions

here's my locker
this is what mom said good bye to.. a kid that was ready for class!

** special thanks to Sarah for showing me the new blogger publisher.. I think and hope that it makes future posts more enjoyable and easy to read

Happy Birthday Harlianne!

2 years old!!

So much has changed.

She likes pick out her own outfit... she loves her rain boots.

Just yesterday we got out the toddler bed and so far she is doing well.

It's hard to believe they are so small when they enter this world.

And Wendell himself looks so young... he has changed a lot as well. Such a good big brother.

Kids don't get younger.. they just get older.

But I love the older stage and I love these little lives so how can I not love them growing up too.

Happy Birthday Harlianne!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

so angry right now

If this blogger doesn't get any easier then I might be done. I just typed a huge post and it then went to error and I lost everything I typed... apparently not saving with the autosave???

I like things when they work and my blog is just not working. If it's not the pictures, it's the typing, the placement, the organization... is it me or blogger?? It seemed so easy when I started but lately it has not worked well.. and I'm so mad right now I won't redo all that I did. I think I'm going to go cry now.

I think our updates with Windows and our McAfee security is causing some major issues and it takes a rocket scientist to find the solutions!

check, check, check... check, check

The past few weeks have been so crazy busy. All we have done is check things off this summer bucket list. A few things we've done are Harlie's birthday party, Phil's big race, harvesting the garden, tee ball, and 3 (extended) family vacation's in the past few weeks. My mom is here from Florida so it's nice I have a little helper : )

Harlie got a lot of clothes for her birthday so she had to put a fashion show on for us. She was so cute!

Wendell really enjoyed his tee ball! Done just in time for school to start.

Phil did great in his race making his goal of under 6 hours. We are so proud of him!

Hopefully we can wind down in the next few weeks and get back into a routine! Life has been a whirl wind here but all good things so I can't complain. Summer is coming to an end.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Heather's thoughts

I can't believe we only have two more weeks before school starts. So we now have our summer list and our 2 weeks left list, meaning just a few things I really, really, really want to do before school starts. 1. go to the pool one more time 2. go to the petting zoo (the kids love it) 3. check out the "jumping pillow" off Airline Highway. And most importantly, try and spend more time with Wendell before he goes back to preschool.

I feel like the past week I have been trying to catch up from all our travels and busyness... I am starting to feel like I will never get caught up so just quit trying and spend time with the kids. Maybe when Wendell goes back to school I will have more time. So although we got home Saturday night from another family vacation.. I am leaving the bag on the porch. We are traveling again this weekend for another family vacation so why bother? Maybe I can keep the same clothes and then I won't have to pack another bag? : )

On a side note, Harlie has pink eye/an eye infection. Our little dumpling woke up with swollen and matted eyes. Yuck! But we got in the doctor and pharmacy and they have given her some medicine. She should be back to normal very soon.

My mom comes tomorrow and life will be whirl wind for the next week while she stays here. I know she loves to shop so I'm sure we'll be out and about. I am kind of looking forward to it as I have some things on my wish list. One thing for sure is to get Wendell some school clothes as he has a dress code this year. We have a good start but we need to get some more pants.

Did I tell you Harlie has been getting out of bed sometimes? Last week, we had a few very bad day where I REALLY needed a nap but apparently she didn't think she needed one so after a few spankings, and tantrums (from me) I finally put the baby gate up and said fine. The last few days has gone fine but at least I have a back up plan if she decides not to nap.

Phil's big race is in two weeks. I think he's getting ready to be done but also nervous. I don't blame him. A lot of work for one day, one race, one chance. Oh well.. I trust all will go fine.

We also have Harlie's birthday coming up. I think we're going to go simple and have it at our house with the grandparents. I might have some snacks and then cake and ice cream. If I get to planning I should have one with our friends like I've done in the past.. I miss you guys.

That reminds me, I am sad to go to MMO this year as almost ALL of my friends won't be there. I am going to be the "older" mom and not sure I want to make new friends.. is that bad? I'm not trying to be a snoob.. I'm just going to miss my usual friends. I hated cliques in high school and now I've become one.

I've been reading some good books.. I will be posting a list soon. Many are new books from the library. None have been GREAT but all have been good so they make the list.

One last thing, work has not been going well. One lady has been getting me up every night. Usually only for a few minutes but enough that I can't just go back to sleep. Luckily I have the next few weekends off (vacation!!) and I also put a bid in to transfer out (doing the same job but at a different house). This has been a struggle for me as I don't do well when I don't get enough sleep. I don't see any change (at the current site) in the near future so I need to get out or just pray that God helps me through until something else comes up.

Well, I think that's enough. I feel like I just wrote to my dear diary. Many thoughts to share.. but no good pictures. One of these days I should post a Wendell movie. He has been recording a lot of movies lately. Some are pretty funny.

Hope all is well!! And thanks for reading.