Tuesday, April 22, 2014

random #3

These actually aren't totally random.. I went in 'chronological order' on the date stamp; which appears to be out of whack. 
Like our other kids, she used to hate baths and now loves them!  Sometimes after I take a bath I let her take one.. just to give her something to do.  I bet she'll LOVE the little kiddy pool we'll get out again this summer!

Our super star.  Wendell got picked to be a leader.  I just happened to eat lunch with him that day so I got to see his reward at school.  Good job Wendell!

My mom sent this post card to me and it cracks me up.  You don't really have to know her to love the picture.  Her dog is named Kito and there she is driving him around. 

At the library...

Two pea's in a pod...

2P's in a pod arctic cat AKA monster truck (that we borrowed from our neighbors)

New craft project.. this is the before.  After is soon to come!

That's all for tonight.  I'm kind of caught up!  Now if I can just STAY caught up!...ha ha.. right.

random #2

I cleaned up our front porch and moved this chair out there.  Now I can sit and enjoy some of this spring! 

My little 'rangers'...our kids have been enjoying watching and then acting out 'Power Rangers'.  They don't really 'fight' but play around. 

I taught our rangers how to play checkers. 

Again?  Do I really look like this a lot?  The Hunt scowl is growing on me : )  (family joke)

My grandpa made this little 'doll' desk and it's perfect for Ali.
True randomness here.. I think I took the kids on a bike ride through downtown (yes I'm crazy and I can't remember if I had all three of them) but I know I took some pictures.  While riding my bike? I really don't remember.. but I know I was downtown taking pictures.

A (downtown) bone... nice.

At the library.

I don't know who did this but she sure doesn't mind.

Climbing trees.

The real deal.. a new past time of Wendell's.  I find him randomly across the street looking around, checking everything out at the park.

Little sis has to follow in his footsteps.

One of those days.. we had to get out so I took Ali to the mall. 

We walked out through Sears and she found this 'toy'.

Wendell and I took a kids cooking class at the YWCA.   Lots of green food.. (I don't recommend making green food for kids.) 

Yum... or not so yum. Fun!  Yes, Fun!

Ali's new fun outside.

Just being goofy.

Raking a small pile of leaves from last fall (and she jumped in them : )

random #1

Isn't life random with Iowa weather, kids and life in general?
Well, so are my pictures this time. 
One of these days I might start telling stories again instead of only posting pictures. 
Some kind of deep thoughts going on here...

Harlie and I have a found a passion for blowing bubbles and showing them to each other.
At least once a year I take the kids across the street to fly kites. 
For now, Wendell loves it!

This is a buried treasure in my life.  The green pea... I got from my brother, from my grandpa.. and is the BEST winter coat ever.  I wore this puppy on campus because it was is awesome.  Too bad I'd forgotten about it this year until a friend asked me about it... I could have really used it!

More random kite flying.

Is this what I look like to my kids most day?  Really. so grumpy looking...  humff.. what kind of statement am I making without realizing it?

Two pea's in a pod.

This is wild man Phil with the head lamp on.. probably from our $500 adventure with electrical issues.  Someone (who shall not be named) tripped on a wire (off a kids tent) and it landed just perfectly on a night light plug that was loose on the outlet yet plugged in.  Metal wire hit plug and boom.. knocked half the electricity out of our house.  It took 5 electricians but the last two did the job (they were a team).   As they searched and searched and found the broken connection in our basement behind our shower.  Long story short.. we finally got it fixed.  All is safe and sound here.

More of the green pea.

More to come!