Saturday, August 29, 2009

we're home

We have now been home a few days and a small part of reality is setting in. So far, I'd say we are doing pretty good. I'd give it an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.
Here are the top few questions that we get asked:

How is Harlie doing? Harlie has been sleeping pretty good for the most part.. last night we had some issues with her not wanting to fall asleep except when I nurse her - she doesn't take well to the transfer from my lap to the cradle so I spent the night on the couch last night with her laying on my belly... her princess pad as I called it last night. Yesterday, she wasn't latching on very good so I've been using the nipple shield which is kind of a bummer. I was really hoping to feel more comfortable nursing in public but with the nipple shield it makes it more difficult. on a good note, we tried a bottle yesterday and she took it really well.. and I was sitting right next to Phil (and Wendell) who were giving her the bottle.

How is Wendell adjusting? Wendell is "Mr. Helpful"; he gets diapers for us if we need one, likes to caress her head when she's sleeping, and loves to hold her for short amounts of time. I feel like we've been yelling at him a lot the last few days but I think that's because we're trying to get too much done and that means he gets in our way - ex. - I still don't have my bags unpacked because we've been busy with the obvious plus meals, soaks in the tub (for me) and just general pickup. I think now that we're mostly caught up then we can spend more time with him. I'm a little concerned that he's not going to like the new slow pace of life but we'll just have to compromise... me being willing to go more with an infant and him learning to play at home. Wendell is going to Phil's parents today so we'll get a few days without him. Hopefully I can get caught up on a few things like thank you's, hopefully visit the lactation consultant to see if I can do anything about this nipple shield, and visit some people at work.

How does the c-section compare to a VBAC? Well, honestly, the VBAC is a lot more painful from the tear. The fact that I have to sit on the sore makes it much harder to adjust, plus it makes walking, bending, lifting, etc. all more painful. I also think it's a lot more sensitive down there compared to my lower abdomen. I do think that the experience of a VBAC is much more exciting and just an awesome accomplishment. I've seen many different deliveries on t.v. but it's so different when it's your own. I would definitely do the VBAC again, in fact looking back on Wendell's delivery, I probably would have done things differently.

Who does she look like? If you had asked me this the day she was born, then I'd say she looks more like me then Phil. But today, she's gained some weight in her face so she is looking more like Wendell/Phil. So, not sure who she looks like, I guess just Harlie!

Other thoughts: I think the fact that this is our second child has made the experience a lot more enjoyable. We were so much more relaxed and patient then when anticipating Wendell's arrival. Even breast feeding and dealing with her crying have been a lot easier just because we've experienced it before. I'm definitely not as emotional as I was with Wendell and I think it's because I feel more in control and expect there to be hard times. Although, we had a rough night last night, I can see today being a little more like a normal day. I got to go outside and play with Wendell while Harlie was sleeping. Phil was gone a few hours and I survived just fine. Today, I even got breakfast before lunch time, unlike yesterday. I'm excited to have a Wendell gone for a few days but I'm also ready to get into normal life routines.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Harlie is here!!

Baby Harlie is here and there is so much to write about! But we'll start with the fun pictures.
The first one is "mommy meeting Harlie" for the first time.

This second one is one of the first pictures of Harlie after she was born, she was very bright eyed and bushy tailed.

And this third picture is Wendell checking out Harlie, observing from a safe distance.

We'll start with the stats. Her name is Harlianne (Harlie) Rene` Hunt. She was born Tuesday August 25th at 4:46am, 8lbs 2oz, and 21 inches long. She was successfully born VBAC after 27 hours of labor!
We just got home today (Thursday) and are curious to see how our night goes. She's been taking short naps and then nursing for short amounts of time. We're a little worried that this will continue or she'll wake up and want some attention throughout the night.
Overall, we're doing pretty good. Wendell seems to be doing well. He has held her quite a few times and likes to give her kisses. I think after a few days, her presence will settle and he might become a bit more clingy.
One quick funny story, about 15 minutes after we got home from the hospital, Harlie had her first explosion and Phil volunteered to change it (prior to knowing it was an explosion). Once I saw what she'd done, I had to grab the camera to take a picture as it was quite comical. So poor Phil was requesting help and I was just laughing taking pictures. Once we were both working to change the diaper, the phone rings and of course Wendell answers it. By the time I got to it to say hello they had hung up. Then a few seconds later, Phil's cell phone goes off and it was his boss so he answered. Anyways, the task got completed and it took all three of us (Wendell included) to get the job done.
Well, I'm pretty tired and need to go to bed so I'll have to give you more stories and pictures another time. Thanks to all who have prayed and visited/called us!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Harlie in a couple years?

Is this what Harlie will look like in a couple of years?

another doc. appt.

I wish I could say she was here but not yet... stubborn little girl is very comfortable in her little cocoon. We had another appointment today and they hooked me up to be monitored. I was very happy for this as Harlie hasn't been moving quite as much as she had been, which is somewhat to be expected. But they monitored her for about 20 minutes and she had a good heart rate, moved at least 3 times, and I even showed some "contractions". Well, that would apparently be Braxton Hick Contractions because after my doctor checked my cervix, he reported no change since the last appointment... meaning, I'm still not dilating/effacing (I've been at 1 cm for 3 weeks now). On the good side, I'm happy to report that after all the debating thoughts of inducing vs. c-section vs. VBAC that we have officially scheduled a C-section for Tuesday. Because I'm already contracting (and have been for almost a week now) and they are doing nothing for my cervix then that implies that inducing would not be useful (all it really does is cause more contractions). So, unless something happens in the next few days, I don't have to think about the group strep B infection, whether to get an epidural, whether to try inducing, what to do if I go in labor at midnight and Wendell is sleeping peacefully in bed, and all the other things that I've been worrying about. On a good note, my doctor says they'll do a spinal block (not epidural) for the surgery which means it should wear off a lot faster than an epidural. I'm hoping that by not having an epidural or pitocin then it will be less medications than when I had Wendell, which means less swelling and time needed to recover. I feel like Tuesday is a long ways from now but at least it's an end day to look forward too. Then a new chapter in life will begin!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

40 weeks

Well, I'm actually 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant... making me officially 2 days overdue my "estimated" due date. Since Sunday (my due date), I've already felt calm, giddy, relaxed, etc. because I feel like I've made it to the end of my race. I had been kind of bummed about not being able to go running this summer so I told myself that instead of training for a "running" race, I'm training for a "baby" race. And the race is almost done. So that's what I tell myself. In reality, I realize that I still have a lot to do - like the actual labor/delivery and then managing life with 2 kids. But for now, I'll enjoy my calm sense of peace. I'm also officially on leave from work and have completed most of our "to do list" tasks that I wanted to have done. I plan to relax and enjoy my last few days of the simple life. Watch a few movies, go for walks, and read some books are the main things that I hope to do.

So here are some pictures of me. If you'd like to come up with some funny quotes for them, feel free as I was just having some fun on my photo shoot and wanted some fun pictures of me being pregnant.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

question of the day

I'm reading a book about a woman who just had a baby. In process of pushing during labor, she got these giant hemorrhoids that she referred to as the size of grapes. I've had hemorrhoids before and remember how "unfun" they can be. Can anyone remind me why I'm pushing so much for this VBAC?

baby hog

Just a quick funny that I have to share. Phil and I were talking last night about how we're getting a bit tired of waiting for Harlie mostly because we're excited to have her here. Anyways, he makes the comment that it's not fair because right now I'm kind of a "baby hog" because I "get to hold her all the time". He of course understands that that is just how it goes but it was still cute and funny to hear him say it. So proud Daddy will be holding his little princess soon!

Monday, August 10, 2009

desperate for a nap

What would you do for a nap?

Wendell stayed with my parents over the weekend (which was a huge blessing!) and today we met for lunch so I could pick him up. On the way home, he fell asleep about 20 minutes from home (an hour long drive and he waits until we're almost home to fall asleep). As most of us know at Wendell's age, he won't go back to sleep once I wake him to take him inside and 20 minutes is not really a nap for a 2 year old, so being sleepy myself I parked in the driveway when we got home and we both took naps in the vehicle. He ended up sleeping about an hour and I slept about 20 minutes. So although, this wasn't the most comfortable place to take a nap, I was quite pleased with my decision.

Friday, August 7, 2009

quick update

Well, I'm pretty much feeling the same here only a few pounds heavier. I had a doc appt today and nothing has changed since last week. Most likely I will end up with another c-section or induction if I choose (which was useless last time). I see a different doctor next week (mine's on vacation) so I'd like to hear their opinion on the matter.

The weird thing is, that if I wanted a c-section then we could be doing that on Monday, like in 3 days Monday, but that's not the plan so it won't be happening (assuming there are no issues that occur over the weekend). I will at least wait 2 weeks for my doc. to return from vacation, assuming I don't go into labor before then.

Not sure what to think of all this. The questions I need to answer are: how long do I want to continue being pregnant (42 weeks being the longest I can go) and is it worth trying pitosin again even though it didn't do much last time? For now, I'm glad that my doc. is on vacation next week so then I don't really need to decide right away as I'd rather wait for him to return.

That's all for now..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

so close.. yet so far away

It looks like it's time for an update on my blog but I really don't have anything exciting to post yet so I guess I'll just post some random thoughts.

First of all, I thought that July would be my hardest month to get through as far dealing with the pregnancy. And I must say I was so busy that July flew by. It's August already.. next thing I know August will be half over! Although I'm due in less than two weeks, I am "planning" on going about 1-2 weeks overdue. I guess you could say I'm going to push for the VBAC as long as there is no major reasons to do a C-section. The doc says he'll let me go two weeks overdue and then we'll have to schedule a C-section which puts us at the end of August. I don't think that I'll be terribly heart broken if I end up with a C-section as long as I know that I at least tried a VBAC. Anyways, I have been feeling pretty darn good physically since I've slowed down and sit around most of the time. According to the scales, I have gained way too much weight but I get a lot of comments from people saying I look great so either they're just being nice or I still look like a healthy pregnant chick. Who knows, but for now I'll take the nice comments.

We have a few things that need to be done before Harlie comes, like get the cradle up to our room, the car seat in the car, and bags packed but really there isn't anything major. There are a few house cleaning things that I'd really like to have done like cleaning the carpet, thoroughly clean the bathroom and clean out a few cupboards but these are things that Phil plans to help with.

The last exciting thing is that Phil has the next 4 days off and we are going to be home! I don't work this weekend so we should have at least one final relaxing weekend before Harlie comes. Phil has a lot on his to do list but I'm also hoping to do some fun things as well.
My parting gift is a video of Wendell playing with his "choo choo's". As you can see, he loves to say "chuga chuga choo choo". Hopefully it works okay.