Wednesday, December 18, 2013

more random pictures

Did you know I'm a puzzler?

Kind of like reading.. once in awhile you stumble on one you really like.

Ta da... I'm just having fun with our camera

did you know I liked to cook?

 A neighbor friend is from Africa and often gives us 'chapati' as a treat.  So I tried making it myself, she was impressed!  Chapati is kind of like a soft shelled tortilla, only thicker.

I love my helpers.

Random picture of Phil.

The last picture of all the kiddo's.  Mckenzie and Abby have both moved away.  One to New Jersey, one across town.  We will miss these girls.   (Abby's grandpa lives across the alley way so I'm sure we'll still see her, just not as often.)
**Ali's face

** Harlie's face

** the 'good' one

** Wendell's face

 just some kids hanging out, they look like college students

The first snow (that we were in Iowa) we just HAD to go sledding!

This a common hobby at our house.

: )  Some of you may remember that we have had our share of bats at our house.  Well, when this was $ .25 on sale I had to buy it to prank my husband.  He didn't really fall for it though...

Every once in awhile while I cook supper we make recycle creations.  Harlie's idea was hats this time.

Oh this one warms my heart.. and will be with me for eternity.  We read a Bible story that talked about Faithful and True, the rider on the white horse that will help save the world when end times are here.  So complicated yet so simple.  Wendell drew a picture of the earth and then another one on black (that you can't see as well).

It says (now don't tease my boy, he's learning how to write):
Fofl and twoof, god mad or erf for us and gods side, the bad sid its satins sid, do not blef him.

Translation: Faithful and Truth, God made our earth for us and God's side (the white), the bad (or black) side, it's Satan's side, do not believe him.

** side note: what shocked me when we first did this study was that Wendell and Harlie had never heard, nor had a clue who Satan was.  Odd, go to church and talk about God all the time but apparently not Satan.  

Naughty, naughty.. but so proud... not to mention this entertained her for about half an hour.

fall sports

We tried something new this fall.  



I think they enjoyed it but I also think they're young and didn't quite get the full fun of it all.  Not sure when we'll do it again but glad we did it.

**note to self**
gymnastics: the child needs a lot of patience waiting in line
basketball: the child will run a lot, up and down the court

Florida trip!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Florida this year!

My mom lives in Venice, Florida right off the coast.

22 hour drive there, 22 hours back.

We had a lot of fun though!  

Our dvd player for the kids was a like a sedative.  But it worked, well.

Loved the water...

Taught Harlie how to blow a bubble.

Went to a 'jungle'.

Kept ourselves entertained with our electronics.

Saw a gator on our last day as we were driving away from my moms place.

Trip was complete, we can go home now.

Drove over this crazy bridge.

Saw a lot of this.  : )

Did some crocheting in the car.  Everyone but Ali has a hat now.. she's on the list, hopefully after Christmas.

We really had a great time with my mom.  It all went pretty smooth and no grouches.. which is amazing for us : ) !!