Thursday, August 23, 2012

summer of swimming

Wendell's in school, my mom is here to visit and has Harlie for the morning, Ali is napping...  I feel like I actually have time to breathe!!

I don't think I have stuck my head out of this pool (of having 3 kids) to breathe all summer.

I am glad we had a great summer full of fun but I didn't get a darn thing done around the house other than dishes and cleaning the toilet.

So I actually have a free moment to breathe and what do I think about?  All the things I need to do... here is the beginning list.

1. print off an 8X10 picture of Ali to hang on the wall
2. print of some baby pictures of Ali to put in the photo book
3. organize my photo's on the computer
4. start Ali's scrapbook of cards
5. wash my windows
6. clean under my fridge/stove
7. update my blog
8. plan a day to visit Wendell at school
9. paint Wendell's old room
10. clean out kids clothes
11. organize my upstairs closet
12. bring up big baby bottles from the basement
13. wash out the stroller
14. fix the bike trailer
15. fix the kitchen sink facet
16. figure out what to do with all the cucumber from the garden
17. return some stuff to the library
18. eat lunch
19. take a shower
20. oh yeah.. take a breath

I think that's enough for now.  

Well.. maybe I can do a better #7 next time.  I'd like to post some pictures from our summer...  but this list is a bit overwhelming.  I don't know if I want to even look at all the pictures from this summer... I'm tired just thinking about it.

But for now, I'm getting hungry so I think I'll do #18.. then I better do #19.. when I'm done with that then Ali will be up and ready for me.  And I'll be back in the pool : )