Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully we all take a moment to thank God for all the blessing he gives us. Most of us in America have so much to be thankful for and so much we take for granted. I know we all have rough days, years, or life in general can be tough but there is always something to be grateful for. I, personally, and most people around me, have so much to be thankful for... simple things like being able to see, hear, and taste gives such joy to life; or having a very healthy family, having a job that allows me to be home during the day to take care of the kids, and even my little house that we've been trying to sell all year. I do have a blessed life and so much that I take for granted. At church on Sunday our pastor commented on being thankful for heaven... to know that God has prepared a place of eternity for us that is million times better than this life.. I know we can't see it or image what it will be like but to know God loves us so much that he has a special place just for me... I like to think of it as I have my own feather under his wing that will be my own personal cozy blanket to snuggle with and to keep me warm and toasty. So, this year, don't forget to take a moment to thank God. And for fun, let me know what special/unique thing you are most thankful for (not counting the basics like your family or home). Maybe I'll be like my friend Sarah and come up with some fun gift to send to you.... hmmm....actually I just thought of something that would be perfect. So tell me what your thankful for and I'll have a drawing sometime next week. If need be you can email me as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

life of the Hunt's

Remember, that stack of books I told you about a few weeks ago? Here it is. I went through my books and these made the to do list. Read or go away.. actually one (not in the picture) did get tossed once I realized it was a Jehovah Witness book. Nothing personal, but I didn't really want to give that one to Goodwill.. it went straight to the garbage. I did glance through it (Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained) and was shocked by how it disagreed with the Bible. Opening statements sounded more like Darwin than Creation. Kind of sad.. so in the garbage it went. Now I'm reading The Faith Club which I've read before.. I like it (not that I agree with all the things the Christian woman says) but I really need to read something enjoyable.. not a thinker kind of book. So I might not make it through my pile... I guess some books may get tossed just out of my desire to read a good old fiction book which is not an option in this pile. The pile must go, before I go to the library. Eeekke...

Bath time can be interesting.. this is Harlie's new hang out spot in the bathroom (at least she's not putting her hands in the toilet, one of her favorite past times when I'm not looking). And yes, she crawls up there herself. She pulls up on the back of the toilet lid/seat, then pulls up on the back of the toilet and then scoots over to the sink. For this reason, I try to keep our toilet clean. As you can see.. she LOVES her hang out spot.

I must say I love this next picture. He was so proud of himself for getting those letters and numbers stuck to the wall.

This was our summer bucket list. After hanging on our fridge all summer, I decided it was time to take the paper down. We got about 95% of it done which is great. It's so easy to look at what we didn't do but then I look at all the things we did do and I realize we did have a good summer as we did a lot of fun things. It has made for some interesting conversation as it's the first thing people see when they walk in our door. Most people look confused but then I explain it and most people love the idea (thanks Sarah!) I'm hoping to make another one for this winter which should include a few things that didn't get done this summer. Any ideas to add to the list?

Last week, in the last few warm days, we played outside. Here are the kids playing in the dirt.. we really need to get them a sand box. Maybe next spring?

Awwwee.. my kiddo's are so sweet (most of the time : )

Did I mention this was going to be a really long post? Full of pictures and golden nuggets of our life.

Leftovers anyone? (yes, that pizza actually curled up on the edges) You can't see it but the meat and cheese was all dried up. It's only a few days old, but old enough.

No thanks, we'll make our own.

Yum, Yum! A post to come on this new pita bread recipe I've been experimenting with. Tonight we made pizza with it but we've also had sandwich pockets and Phil eats it with his hummus.

And last but not least.. my new special treat for Harlie and me. Since we've pretty much given up on selling the house this year I decided I wanted this hung up (I was waiting not wanting to put more holes in the wall). Last year I asked for a quilt rack for Christmas. My dad made me this beautiful quilt rack (thanks dad!) and my mom always makes a quilt for the grandkids and she made this quilt for Harlie (thanks mom!) when she was born. I believe I've posted on it before but in case you don't remember this is a 5 generation quilt. There is material from my Great Grandma Greene, Grandma Elliott, My mom, me and now Harlie. My mom loves to sew so this is a special gift... and the quilt rack to go with it makes it perfect. I just think it looks awesome in Harlie's room.

Enough of the Hunt life.. I'm tired.. but a good day. Praise to God, for all the goodness he give us all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My body is rebelling. Ever since the triathlon I feel like I can hardly run and swim, and for now I'm not biking as it's too cold out. I think it's mostly the cold weather causing my lungs to work harder and I've had a constant slight head cold /running nose since the triathlon. I think it's just normal winter health blues but it makes me wonder how I ever did the triathlon. I know that it will all come back next year when the weather gets nicer but it's kind of disappointing. It's not really fun when my nose is running while I'm running (I can't farmer blow like some talented people without it coming back to land on my pants or shoes) and then when I swim I start coughing and sputtering.

So I will keep plucking along for now but my body is saying no. And I would be more than happy to take a couple of weeks off but then I don't think I'd start up again.. one of my biggest fears.

On a side note.. I got some interesting, mixed emotions, information from my OB doctor the other week. Since I've lost a lot of weight and had 2 babies in the past four years my stomach has become the great (meaning big, not good) jiggle and is not just your normal after pregnancy jiggle.. you can image what people from The Biggest Loser look like.. well I have that plus add two pregnancies on top of that to help matters. Anyways enough details.. you get the visual. What I asked my doctor was how I could correct this.. and he said point blank - surgery. Hmm.. that's not an option I'm interested in now so I proceeded to ask him what else there was, basically I wanted to know if I lost more weight would it get better or worse. He said at this point it wouldn't get much better but I could try crunches but it probably wouldn't do much (I have done crunches in the past and it doesn't seem to really help much). So as he was pushing on my stomach/female parts (near my belly button). I asked if he could tell if there was a lot of fat still in there and he said no, that is mostly just extra skin. So, the mixed emotions.. I don't have a lot of fat on my stomach, yippee! That's not something I hear very often but to find out it's mostly extra skin means there isn't much I can do other than wait for it to correct it's self (or surgery). I did ask if we have another baby if it would just get worse and he said probably not. On a side note, I did ask my regular doctor the same question about two years ago and she said that I am young enough that it will get better but also the more weight I lose the better it should get... in one way.. but worse in another.. more jiggle but thinner jiggle. Hmm... not sure if any of you out there have any suggestions. At this point, I think it'll just take time (like years, if not the rest of my life) to correct itself so I guess I think I'm stuck with it... but alas, I have little fat on my belly - per Dr. O. : )