Friday, August 29, 2008

Superman or Batman?

An old villain returned to the Hunt household last night. Around 3AM, Mrs. Hunt noticed just a slightly odd sound in the home but awoke to silence. Not sure what was going on, she rolled over and Mr. Hunt awoke as well. At first it appeared to be nothing and the Hunt's rolled over to go back to sleep but in doubt the Mrs. asked Mr. Hunt to turn the light on "just to be sure". A moment later, Mr. Hunt made a soft shout and quickly informed the Mrs. that the old villain had returned... a bat was in the house. This was not the first time the Hunt's had awoke to a bat in their home. Approximately, one year ago, the Hunt's had also awoke to a bat in their bedroom during the night. Could it be the same one? Fortunately, being a "Super" (or would it be "Bat"?) Man, Mr. Hunt got the bat out the front door in a record 5 minutes by simply opening the front door and closing off all other doorways. Mrs. Hunt (AKA: Wonder Woman) assisted by holding up the sheet to the doorway between the dining room and living room. After returning to their cozy, and still warm, beds the Hunt's pondered the events. Here was their final conversation before drifting back to sleep.
Mr. Hunt: I hope we don't get another one or I'll have to kill it.
The Mrs: Why?
Mr. Hunt: Because it might be the same one.
The Mrs: Then it'll be our friend.
Mr.Hunt: No, friends don't wake you up in the middle of the night and scare the $#!* out of you.
A final note: the young child and dog went undisturbed during the occurrence.

*** Attached is the picture of Mr. Hunt taken from last year's disturbance of the peace.

Friday, August 22, 2008

family vacation

We're back! We went to Fun City (hotel) in Burlington, IA for our annual family vacation with my mom, brother, sister and kids. This hotel is pretty neat if you ever get a chance to go, it's an indoor/outdoor water park and also has arcades, bowling, and go-carts all at the hotel. We left on Monday and got back Wednesday and had a good time seeing family (my sister came from Ohio, my mom came from Florida, and my brother and I live in Iowa). Anyways, I've been busy visiting with my mom but have tomorrow (Saturday) free.. in fact Phil and Wendell are going to a parade in the morning and I'm taking the morning off. I'm hoping to sleep in and take my own little vacation... maybe read, watch a movie, and be a bum. Well, I look forward to "blogging" some more later. Hope all is well!
** Attached is a photo of us at the pool. It took about an hour before I could unpeel Wendell from my arms.. and then he barely would let his toes get wet. He wasn't too fond of the water but by the last day he did go down one kiddy slide and rode the lazy river without crying (which was a pretty big accomplishment).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Starting a blog...

Hello everyone,

I've decided to try "blogging" so I hope you join me! I have no idea what to expect so this should be a fun ride. I'll start by telling you a little about my family. I'm married to a great husband - Phil - since January of 2000. And we have an adorable little boy - Wendell - who was born in December of 2006 (you can do the math to find out how old he is : ) We live in the great state of Iowa, all of us born and raised here. I'm a proud stay at home mom during the day and have a very interesting job at night... I get paid to sleep during the overnight (and yes, I do sleep) at a house with three ladies who have disabilities. I also work a couple of hours in the morning getting them out the door to their day programs and then I go home around 8:30am when Phil goes to work at the local TV station. So I work 2 full time jobs.. and the best is being at home with Wendell. My husband and I like to garden, read, and (for the time being) exercising. We love to cook and try new things so if you have any new, fun and somewhat healthy recipes, we'd love to try them! Enough about me, I'd like to get to know you... hope to hear from you soon! Heather

** Attached is the most recent picture of Wendell being silly, he's wearing Phil's work goggles while eating his pancake for breakfast.