Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more books

I've been reading more books and loving my Goodwill stack of surprises!

Just finished English by Wang Gang.  A memoir of growing up in China.  This man had a very tough childhood as they were very violent.  Kind of an odd book but still good to read.

What do you do all day? by Amy Scheibe is a book about a stay at home who lives in New York City.  Nothing personal to the author but it was a bit trashy for me but I did finish it so it made the list.

Miracle at St. Anna by James McBride was very educational in a fiction way as it talked about the Buffalo Soldiers of WW II.  After reading it I learned there was a movie made out of it which is neat.  The book was a bit odd but in the end a good read; the movie was okay but did follow the book well.

My favorite of them all was The Dive From Clausens' Pier by Ann Packer.   This book was written from a young woman's perspective.  Her boyfriend got a brain/spinal injury from diving off the pier and she had to work through the issues of the now what?  It makes you question how you would handle this life altering event.  Although I don't condone all she does, it was written in a way that was easy to read.  It kind of reminders me of the Tayler Morris story.

Anyways, that's it for now. I will now take my usual day off from reading and then start a new one in a few days.

Some other books I've been picking through are...

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman - I've read this before but it's been awhile so Phil and I plunged in and read it with another couple.  Nothing too shocking or exciting but it's fun to talk with to other people who have read it AND it's been fun getting the kids involved and learning about them.  This book was a big contributor in our family mission statement: fillin' love tanks, yep that it's 'filling love tanks.  So simple but neat.. filling Gods', each others/family, friends and strangers' love tanks.

Two more books I'm picking through The Explosive Child by Ross Greene and Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof.  Ironically they both have a similar themes, listen to your kids and talk to them about the problems.  Don't just try rule them, respect them and it will come back to you.

On the horizon are two books JESUS CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership by Laurie Beth Jones.  I had started this last year but had to return it to the library, I liked it so much I bought myself lf a copy so I can pick through at my leisure.  And Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life which I've also read before but we are going to read it through with another couple.

That's enough for now... now I just have to figure out what to do with my old fiction books (from above).  Any other readers out there that would want them?  Or have ideas?

more of the Word

Here's a few tidbits from my latest readings.

1. 'the first worship' was mentioned in Genesis.  I believe that after Adam and Eve ate the apple, the decline of 'walking with God' began.  So the progress from 'walking with God' to 'worshiping a more distant God' began.  I can see God being happy yet saddened by that moment.  Happy to receive honor and praise, but to not have the same companionship would be a heartbreaker.

2. This is just a thought but I've been stewing (hah!) over the issue of not eating meat.  This isn't the first time I've thought about NOT eating meat but now it's almost like the perfect storm.  First off, I have a co-worker who talks about being vegetatarian so I have access to an experienced person.  Then recently, reading the OT and how God blessed the living creatures... and later talks about an eye for an eye and my commentary says very clearly this was about prevention not consequences .. just makes me think about me not eating meat would be the prevention of the taking of life.  And lastly, and oddly, we recently watched the GREAT movie How to Train a Dragon and it had a part where the little dragon's are carrying off all the livestock to the 'mother dragon' and in the movie it makes you mad because the little dragons are stealing from the people but really.. the big one is just eating it too.  I feel like I'm the 'mother dragon' and I could stop the stealing of the 'livestock'.  

Now with this said, I realize my thinking is a bit out there but I am not the only one to ponder this.  So I'm thinking about starting a new 30 day challenge and trying to NOT eat meat for 30 days.  What can it hurt? It also dives into the thoughts of eggs, milk, etc.. and it's a bit overwhelming.  Phil and I have already had some good discussion on this and I'm sure it'll continue.  I'm so glad to have a supportive husband, although he will not be partaking in the journey.  Any thoughts from out there?

3. Psalms - for some reason, I am just not a big fan of these.  I want to know who wrote it, why, who they're talking to, and what are they really trying to say.  So, as I read through these little bits at time.. I will wonder what in the world were they thinking?      : )

4. Proverbs 1:9 What you learn from them (your parents) will crown you with grace and be a chain of honor around your neck.  Makes me hope that I can be this kind of parent. Also gives me strength as I make tough choices.

5. Enoch - such a strange and wondrous guy.  All we know is he walked with God (quite a while after the fall) and God just took him.  What did this guy do that was so special?  He's a role model we don't know much about.

6. Isn't it odd how long people lived in the OT?  A common dispute among people..  what do you believe, did they really live that long?

That's all for now!

good start to 2013!

goofy?  oh yes... 

You know those cabbage patch babies with the little tuff of hair?  
I always wondered why they looked like that... now I know.  Our little baby has a tough that sticks up too.  

This is my FAVORITE kind of donut and it's hard to find.  
Cream filled, butterscotch topping with peanuts on top.  Yum! ** found it at Hy-Vee**

This little girl loves her pull-ups!

Wendell's first 'shave'...  and he loves it!  
He got a plastic kids razor, shaving cream, comb, and brush (for shaving) for Christmas. 
We just pulled it out and he's hooked!  
Daddy had to show him how to do it but now he can do it on his own. 

Peek-a-Boo! Having fun at the mirror, again.

Harlie and I like to play pictionary.  I was pretty proud of my drawing.

A new recipe - a veggie pizza with onions, some green leafy thing, red something or other, tomatoes, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and monterrey jack cheese.  Interesting!   

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bible reading

So I've decided to tackle reading the Bible again.  It kind of all timed out well (God maybe : )  I really like reading a little bit everyday during 'quiet' time.  I actually did this a few years ago and I think it took me over 2 years to read the Bible but man it felt good to say I did it.  To honor God by learning about him and also having the discipline to do it almost every day.  It became a habit and one I really enjoy.  Well, after a year or so of reading hit and miss books about God, reading random/sporadic parts of the Bible or following what our church was doing, I decided that I need to get in the book again.  I like just reading a paragraph or two so I can really take it in and not feel overwhelmed.  Now this round, a friend of mine gave me a new Bible she didn't need and since my old one is marked up and falling apart then the timing is perfect to start fresh.  I'm also excited as this time I have a Bible commentary to help me understand some parts better.  As a deep thinker, I have a good set up.  I've also found an older experience woman from the church who I can email questions too.  So, oddly enough, I'm very excited to dive in again. 

But the reason I'm posting isn't about this new adventure.  It's about what I'm learning and seeing.  I love sharing and hope that maybe this can motivate you as well to think about reading God's good word. 

So here's what I've read this week that I'm super excited about.

1. Genesis - I feel like I've read this so many times... 'in the beginning God created... blah blah blah'.  But this time I thought I'm going to go to you tube and see what comes up and found this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEgp2_Rcc80
And not only did I not just find this pretty neat, visual video (and there is more than one), I just happened to watch it right before Wendell got home from school.  So I was pretty excited to see it and then I showed it to him.  Now how cool, to show your kid something like this to help understand who God is and what he did.

2. blessings - the first blessing was when God created animals.  The first life.  Our commentary says this is appropriate because a blessing is the giving of life.  Blessings are interesting and odd but also very neat, something our culture isn't used to, but definitely something God felt was important.

3. sleep - I was reading about Adam and Eve in the commentary and it pointed out that sleep was a time that God 'spoke' to a lot of men.  At first it doesn't sound right but then it points out some examples.  (Adam, Abe, Jacob?, Joseph?, and the wise men) I'm sure there are more but it was odd to think about how important this is.  ** lately I've been wondering what it looks like when we sleep, how does God see all these people who are generally sleeping at the same time?  how odd how we must have sleep but yet it seems kind of useless.

4. a blessing - Phil has taken on 'blessing' the kids when they go to bed and school.  Today I read a part that could be a blessing so I wrote it down so I can bless the kids later. 
May you be like a tree planted along the riverbank; bearing fruit each season, your leaves never withering and may you prosper in all you do.   (Psalm 1:3) 

Anyways, that's all for now.  I will try and post more as I embark on a new adventure!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

memory issues

I had decided to take the plunge and pay for it a few weeks ago but I haven't had time to update.  Tonight I gather my wallet and get ready to post and Explorer wasn't working very well so I tried Google Chrome.  And they let me post as usual with no problems.  So I don't know when my memory issue will arise again but for now I'll take the good fortune and keep posting for free!

Happy New Year!!!

random pictures

our little Thanksgiving 'indian' 

We dog sat over Christmas break.  This is Toby.

All the kids loved Toby!
but I don't plan to get a dog again anytime soon.. the yellow snow was enough for me.

9 Cheese mac-n-cheese.  Yum!  Any guesses at the nine cheeses?  (Mom, you would have loved it!)

Wendell got a new bike mirror.. I had a little fun with it.

Snow globes we made.. a Christmas craft gift.

After talking to a friend about swaddling (Sarah), we decided to swaddle our older kiddo's.  I can't remember for sure but I think they got out of it themselves.  Shucks! : ) 

Harlie exercising to our kids work out DVD.  I actually did it this time and it was fun.  A little bit of everything so you never got bored.

Finally, got a new facet.  Yeah!  It was much needed as our water pressure was horrible which is not fun when I do all our dishes by hand.


Wendell loves to bike, even in on the snow.  Crazy boy!

Sadly, I didn't come up with the idea but I copied my neighbor and we love it!  I made an igloo for the kids to play in.  This was about a 4-5 day project.  Every day we dug some out of the middle and then threw it on top.  Eventually it was big enough for Wendell to sit in.  It has been warm the last few days.. I sure hope it doesn't melt.  It was way too much work to see it go away this soon! It was right on top of the garden so some dirt got mixed in as well, oh well.  It's still fun!

Angels making snow angels : )

Christmas 2012

Wendell turns 6

so I caged the monkeys up : )  

Just kidding, we went to Chuck-e-cheese for his birthday.  And I must say, it was not as bad as I remembered.  We went to one out of state about 5 years ago and it drove us mad, swearing an oath we'd never desire to go again.  But I bucked up and said we'd go this year.. and we did.  And it was fun!

Wendell loved the bike ride... imagine that : )

And we invited a couple of friends to join us.

Before his birthday, we wanted to do something special before Christmas hit so we went to the mall.  Unfortunately it was pretty much closed due to the snow storm.  Even Subway was closed at 6pm on a Thursday night.  Sad Wendell.. who could hardly keep his sad face for the picture.

We still celebrated at home with cake and icecream!

My oldest is 6 years old now...he's the sweetest boy I know.  He's definitely going to melt the girls' hearts someday!

different but the same

 Our lovely kids all look different yet the same.  Can you tell who is who?