Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This is the true Heather's Henhouse!

What a little stink pot!

UNI! UNI! UNI!  basketball...

That's my little boy, pretending to be a baby : )  

Aarrrr!  I mean HHHaaarrrrrrlllliiiiiieeeee.   

What a pair!  They road around the house like this just giggling away.  
(sorry about the screen making it foggy looking.) 

We stored up a few Christmas gifts to pull out later and now is later.  
So Harlie got to play with a dress up outfit.. which she LOVES... along with her make up.  
She is such a girly girly and adventurer at the same time.  Gotta love the striped tights to go with it.  

Huh?? You talking to me? Speak up, I can't hear you!   

This is a giant toothbrush she made at preschool. 

Late night poker? My grandparents gave us this old, very old, like my mom used this, table and 
chairs for the kids.  They love it for eating breakfast and watching tv, playing games, and drawing at.  

Harlie waiting for Wendell to get home from school. 

I love them!

Easter 2013

These are in a we bit of a hodgepodge order but that's okay as they're all from Easter.  This year we went to my Dad's the weekend before Easter to celebrate so the actual day of Easter we stayed home (first time ever!).  So some of these are from my Dad's and some are from our house.  The kids LOVE looking for eggs, even if there is nothing in them.  Below you will see the Easter bread I bought from HyVee.. it was fun having something colorful even if it felt odd eating pink and purple bread.  We go the girls matching dresses... how cute!

Phil's phone

We go new cell phones a few weeks ago and Phil pulled some pictures off his old phone.

So here are some old but good pictures...

  Who's the girl?   (Harlie)

Below you will see pictures from the Hy-Vee triathlon in Des Moines.  Last year, I believe.  Phil went to spectate and got some pretty cool pictures.  He says he'd like to race it some day just because of the course.  

How old were our phones?  About two years so another picture of a very young Harlie, although this was probably only a year ago.

This one isn't so old but Alveda is a baby baby... not a 1 year old.

Wendell jumping off the diving board at the end of swim lessons.  Sadly he kept jumping ON the life guard instead of in FRONT of the life guard.  Kind of felt bad for them.. even though we kept telling Wendell where to jump. I suppose they're used to it, right? : )

He totally looks like the kid from the Sandlot (LOVE the scene!) when the kid 'drowns' and then kisses the life guard.  If you've never seen the Sandlot then you must.. very good movie!

Phil road his bike on a lot of dirt trails last year and came across this guy while biking.  I think it surprised him a bit.. I'm not sure if it's a snapping turtle but either way it'd scare me!  But I'm a bit of scaredy cat when it comes to these things.. oh, I could tell you some stories.. and 99% of the time it's just my imagination.  

I think my eye sight is going.. I like the large text instead of the smaller one.   Oh, I'm getting old. 

a bit behind?

you think?

: )

Yes.. I'm a bit behind but I think I'm back..  my goal is to get caught up.  For some reason this blog has been off my radar but I am worried I'll regret stopping and it's a good way to organize my pictures and keep the ones I really like with a story here and there so I'm not ready to quit.

So.. here we go.