Sunday, December 14, 2014

Noooohhhhvember 2014

(I think she looks like the Olsen twins off Full House here)
Wendell 'flying' an airplane at the STEM festival.
Someone's not feeling well.
Sledding in the dark with little snow.
and loving it.
This one loves watching and jamming out to music.
What is wrong in the picture?
Mom and Ali
Look what I bought.
Nice plate mom, nice breakfast Heather.
What a dork.. seriously. Geekola.
"I'm thinking about going down that hill."
Date night?  UNI game?  Yes, please.
Wendell learned to make veggie pizza
annual physicals
(we're going to have Wendell's plugged nose looked into - first allergy test then ENT; 
and we found out Ali has a double heart murmur.  They said it's normal and not to worry; 
guess we go back in 2 years.  Kind of scary but no one else seems concerned.)
puppet show at the W'loo library
for my brothers
like his dad (and mom)
LOL.. my latest desk top picture
adorable.. going to miss this phase

I love my kids - I love watching them as kids but I love watching them grow up.  I will love being a grandma.  I seriously dream of them living next door (and having underground tunnels to our house). I can't imagine how much our Heavenly Father loves us.  I hope that when I die and go to heaven that I can go back in time, like in the movie A Christmas Carol, and watch history... of course I want the good stuff and not sad or difficult moments.  I want to see what God see's but also what God see's in the future, how all works for his good and glory.  I want to feel all the good feelings of being a mom to these little kiddo's.. watching them sleep, decorate the Christmas tree, making a new recipe for the first time.  I love life.. and watching our kids in this life.  But I also try to live for an audience of one, and that is pleasing our Heavenly Father. Some days, that's tough, but I hope he'll say 'well done good and faithful servant', some day....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

Every year our kids (and myself) get excited about Halloween. My favorite parts are carving pumpkins, roasting then eating the seeds, and eating lots of candy.  

The kids love to draw on their pumpkin, dress up/show off, and eat lots of candy. 

However, I do wonder, what God thinks of Halloween. 

And my bubble is popped.

Sadly my kids love some of the 'scary' parts so that comes with the package.

I see other Christians celebrating Halloween so I feel like it's 'okay'.

I like to think the pro's outweigh the con's.

We do and will set limits.
We don't do blood and gore, evil, etc.

A week before Halloween our pastor commented to be careful of this 'holiday'.  
Witches, devils, and ghosts should be taken seriously, not a joke.  Hmm...

I love books and imagination and do feel this is a form of these arts in live entertainment.

Does this mean we Christians shouldn't enjoy a book about witches or ghosts? (kids version)

Go the next step, what about vampires or werewolf's? 

What if I liked reading the Twilight series?

I just want to note..sometimes I wonder if I'm choosing American over Christian.

Where do we draw the line?  

I don't know.

For now, I guess we will continue on our path.

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween, and also take a moment to wonder what does God think of this. Prayers for peace in our hearts, forgiveness and mercy where we are blind.  That God's Glory comes out of our pitiful choices.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FFA = fall, food and Alveda

Isn't fall beautiful?

I found this moth flying in our garden one day.  

We visited our friend Sarah at 'the farm'.  She has a huge garden and invited us out to explore.  They farm so the kids got to ride the gator as well.  We also went back a couple of weeks later and road the combine and tractor.  I'd never been in a combine myself so it was quite fun for us city folk!

Wendell gets a shiner... took a hit from a football.

Alveda and I love to get out for little walks during the day.   
This was our fun for a few days.. collecting things and putting them in the grocery cart.
 Recently we met an elderly neighbor, kind of nice to bring some light to someone's day.

Phil and I have elected to become fish eaters.  For a few years it was mostly tuna from the can and salmon fillets.  We've had hit and miss through the years but this round we tried scallops, and they were quite tasty (a bit expensive though).

On a bike ride.. (going to miss this when it gets cold out)

 Oh mom... leftovers again? 1/2 hamburger 1/2 hotdog, all on a hotdog bun.  

in the treehouse
Don't all 2 year old love to dump out their toys?
  some pretty funny faces lately
 a pencil between her eyes
 drink mom?  sure, why not.. (she spent two days drinking of this cup)
 help, mom?  umm.. those are doll pants and I don't think they fit
 what a nice smile : ) 
So I had beeper a couple of weekends ago and Phil had to work so we shipped the kids off to Grandma and Grandpa's.  While gone I took this picture because I glimpsed our future of empty nesting.  Note: two beer bottles in the back, two coffee mugs, chips and salsa, a work out watch, and the best one.. no dishes!  Phil and I will sit back relax, eat out, and exercise whenever we want!  Some days I can't wait but really, I know I'll miss the commotion as well!