Wednesday, October 28, 2009

work update

A lot of people keep asking me about work so I thought I'd post an update. I start back to work part time this week. Although it's been a crazy last 9 weeks, it has been nice to just sleep in when I can and go to bed when I want. So starting Thursday (tomorrow) night, I go back in at 10pm and start up the old routine. On a good note, I will be getting 8 hours of sleep (assuming nothing goes wrong in the night) so that is nice. I think it will also be nice to get out of the house a bit and have some time where I don't have a child demanding my attention constantly. A little bit of freedom, I guess you could say. As far as breastfeeding, I will probably have to pump at work when I first get up but I don't think that will be a major issue since I do have my own bedroom for privacy and I'm already used to pumping. Phil says that he's ready to get up with Harlie in the night.. some nights she sleeps until 6am so maybe she'll start doing that more. (of course it would only be appropriate if Phil had to get up at least a few times in the night so he knows what I've been going through : ) And so far, Harlie has taken the bottle just fine so that's good too.

Anyways, I work one night this week, two nights next week, and will continue that until the end of November when I officially go back full time. My only worry at this point is that we have a new "client" since I've been at work so hopefully I can get into a good routine with her and all goes well with the change. Sometimes I don't like change, but I know it's necessary and usually turns out just fine. Another not so fun thing is that means the boring old meetings start up again and I have to make them up which means watching a video (usually 2 hours long). If I can find a babysitter then I might see if I can go the real meetings then I don't have to worry about the make up meeting.

On a very good note, I'm officially done teaching CPR/First Aid! I am so glad that I don't have to do that anymore. It was good for the time I did it but I'm ready to be done. If I need extra hours then I'll just pick up a shift - which means no prep work, no standing in front of people, and doing the the same training over and over. Finding a babysitter and setting up times/schedules was a lot of extra work for a simple training.

I guess another good thing is that I'll be getting back into a routine. Work also helps me appreciate the nights I'm home and the mornings I get to sleep in. So work, ready or not, here I come!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

two pea's in a pod

Yesterday was Harlie's 2 month appointment and she's weighing in at a whopping 14 lbs already. Today I took some fun pictures of her and realized that I had a similar picture of Wendell. So here are my two pea's in a pod. Note: Wendell is 3 months old in his picture and is also about 14 lbs.

Monday, October 19, 2009

cause and effect

dessert anyone?



Check Spelling

just rockin' -n- swingin' all night long..

just a snoozing my life away..

God is good.

foaming eruption's

Foaming Eruption's

1. Lately, our kitchen sink seems to be draining slowly. So last week we poured an entire bottle of draino down it to unclog it but it only seemed to make it worse. Instead of spending a ton of money on liquid acid, I decided to look online for a less expensive (and a little more environmentally friendly) way to fix our little problem. So this morning I looked online and found two suggestions: the first being baking soda and vinegar and the other being a bottle of coke (not sure if this one is environmentally friendly). I had a little bit of baking soda and vinegar on hand so I gave it a try this morning. I felt a little nervous like a kid doing an experiment because I wasn't sure how much to expect of my "foaming eruption". Unfortunately, I didn't have much vinegar on hand so I haven't been able to do the recommended 1/2 box of baking soda and a jug of vinegar to wash it down. But it was fun seeing the little bit I did (so far it hasn't helped with my sink situation). Hopefully later today I can go buy some vinegar so I can do the full dose. I think it will be a fun experiment.. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. (Let me know if you have any "home remedy" ideas of how to deal with this as it's a common occurrence in our home.)

2. My second foaming eruption wasn't quite so "fun" but yet quite the experience. Wendell, Harlie and I were playing outside today when I noticed that Harlie was clearing out her bowls (note: I had just changed her diaper about 20 minutes prior so I was feeling pretty safe). Well, on the third "toot" I thought I had better check out the situation. And, I must say, with this being my second child, I have NEVER seen this before. A FOAMING ERUPTION coming out the back of her diaper and up her back - just like boiling water spilling over the edge of a pan (bubbles and everything). It did eventually retreat back down into the diaper but not with a little (or not so little) spill down the side of my pants onto the steps by the door. First of all, I was in shock by what I had just witnessed. Then I realized I was alone.. well I guess I had Wendell and Buster outside with me.. but not so helpful. I couldn't just strip down outside... and I couldn't just leave Wendell (knowing this was going to take awhile to clean up) outside. But the good Lord helped out. I explained to Wendell the situation and that I needed him to come inside for a bit so I could clean up and he did without complaining! So amazingly, the clean up wasn't as bad as I anticipated and luckily I didn't get it on my shoes. But that is one for the books. And in case anyone is curious, Wendell rarely pooped or pee'd (maybe two or three times) on us and we have lost count with Harlie (at least 10+ times). Every time we change her diaper we have to be very fast or prepare to be squirted because she has projectile poop (like a bird) and a very sneaky way of peeing (the puddle that just keeps growing). I know this is all initiation of parenthood but does it have to be so gross??

Monday, October 12, 2009

break from blogging

As you can all see, I've taken a break from blogging... kind of unintentional but might become more intentional. Life with two kiddo's is a constant busyness. A friend of mine said the other day that I was putting out fires left and right.. well that is my new life. That and some days I feel like I'm being pecked to death by a chicken. Every time I start an email, blog, something I want to do and then something (or someone) interrupts. Every time I put in an email that the kids are sleeping then one of them wakes up before I've finished the email. Both kids have radars and they are tuned up on high right now so life has been busy. I think Wendell is awake from his nap so I need to go.

For now, I'm signing off, maybe some night when Phil's around then I can post some cute stories and pictures but for now.. I'll attend to my family. And I think that is a good choice ~ someday I'll miss this craziness.