Thursday, February 24, 2011

study of Luke

Our church is doing a group read through parts of Luke. Reading through it has made me think about some things as a mom and I wanted to share some thoughts with you (with hopes of getting feedback).

1. Here are some verses that are sticking out to me (in short condensed Heather version):
  • if someone slaps your cheek, give them the other
  • if someone wants your shirt, give them your coat
  • don't run from suffering - self sacrifice (for Jesus and his commands)
  • Mary vs. Martha - Mary at Jesus' feet/Martha the little homemaker

2. It all started with "love your enemy" and as I sat there in church I had to think, who is my "enemy"? On that day, I felt like (don't laugh or call DHS) my kids, my work, and myself were my greatest enemies that day.

3. The past weeks of meeting with my accountability partner, I've been asked: have I been totally honest? (with my kids) Have I been kindhearted, gentle, gracious and merciful to others? (my kids)

So, my point? I feel like God is telling me that as a mom I need to be so loving and kind and generous all the time... but, I can't image what would happen if I let Wendell slap me and then I said here you go, do it again. Or if Wendell asked to play with me 5 times that day and when he asked 10 I just kept giving to him. Or if I didn't take some time for myself - took a break from being the loving all giving mom and didn't just spent some time alone. Or if I didn't do the dishes, cook supper, vacuum the crumbs up. Or what If I was totally honest with Wendell all the time? When he asks me why we have to leave the library (because of Harlie). Why I need privacy sometimes? Why I need a break sometimes? Then I ask, have I been kind hearted? Well, when Wendell wasn't getting ready for school this morning and I had to tell him several times to eat, get shoes on, get coat on - no I wasn't so kind hearted... I was the first 3 times but it wasn't working so grumpy loud voiced demanding mom came out (that didn't work so well either but sometimes it does)... being nice doesn't always work. What would happen if I was all loving, kind, generous? And what do we do when that doesn't get results? At what age do I make that switch where I am this kind of mom? Age 10, 20, 30? Ever?

So christian moms... what is God telling me? For anyone else reading/has read through Luke, what has God told you?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

setting the mood

For relaxation and tension release! (Get your mind out of the gutter : )

I'm not normally a big country fan; I usually listen to 101.9 KNWS the local christian radio station or some songs off Itunes that Phil has uploaded. But, the last few days I've been playing some Randy Travis on a CD and for some reason I can just feel my body relax and loosen up as soon as I hear the music start up. It's like an instant mood enhancer. So, I might look into buying a Garth Brooks CD or buy it off Itune as that is the only other country that I really like (unless we get into the oldies like Kenny Rodgers, Alabama, John/June Cash - which of whom I have records of all and a portable record player to play them on). I might even try Pandora's box but I'm not sure I'll like all the crazy country they put on there. I'm not really into twang and winey voices.

Anyways, I'm curious if you have any particular music that helps you through the day? Or other ideas that are similiar?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

books from the old days

So the other day I was thinking about some of the books I read in school when I was a youngin'; some I liked some I didn't like so much. And I thought I should read them to Wendell. So I went to the library looking for one book, The Indian in the Cupboard. They had it but I was surprised that it's more like a novel with only a few pictures. Unfortunately, he hasn't handled me reading it to him very well as it doesn't have many pictures. Today he requested that I return it to the library (something he has never done before). But since I already got it from the library then I might just read it myself before returning it. And down the road, I might just look into borrowing the movie and then maybe I could get Wendell to watch with me.

When I was really little, I know my brother loved the book A Cowboy Can. It took me a few years to finally track it down and when I did, I bought a copy for my brother, sister, and myself for Christmas one year, as we all have children. So now I get the fun of reading that book to Wendell knowing I read it as a kid.

Another book I remember reading and liking was A Wrinkle in Time. I really don't remember much at all about it but I know I liked it. So I might just get that one next just to see what my young brain was up to back in the day.

One last book, in high school, I read The Grapes of Wrath. And I did not really care for that book. But for old times sake, it might make #3 on my list. What the heck, if I read it again, I might just understand the book... and the parts about the turtle crossing the road.

I also read choose your own adventure, Stephen King, and the Babysitters Club but none of those really sound interesting anymore. Maybe I'll look for a choose your own adventure at the library as that is something Wendell might like, as long as it has pictures.

Anyways, it's been fun going down memory lane. Do you have any fun books you remember reading as a kid?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

fun, smiles, and a dash of goofyness

As much as I gripe and complain about being tired, grumpy, and needing a break,

we do have fun around here.... so here are a few pictures from the last week of us, just having fun.

(A good reminder to myself)

sometimes we can't help but smile, even under our frown : )

Thank you Youth Pavilion

Thank you Youth Pavilion (YP). You were very nice to me today giving me almost 2 hours of peace while my two little ones played joyfully, ran their tails off and were in pure childlike heaven. Harlie was nice and joyful most of the time (even with no morning nap, yes, she is still taking a morning nap). Wendell ran around like an older child and was Mr. Independent... a stage I see coming in the next few years which will be bitter sweet. And towards the end, I even saw my two kids playing together like sweet little angels. So outside of Harlie throwing her lunch on the YP's floor, losing the kids (briefly) a few times, and Wendell's mental breakdown before leaving, it was a grand time.. much worth the $3.

Highlights (sorry no pictures) were seeing Harlie milk the cow, Wendell dressed as a cowboy and both of them taking a ride in the time machine (that bounces up and down very quickly).

And thanks to all the other moms there.. it must have been Orchard Hill/MMO Day because I saw at least ten other moms there who were a familiar smile. It made for a nice zone defense when looking for all our little ones.

So cheers to the YP.. they were my friend today.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a face lift

This week I tackled a project that I've wanted to do for the last few months. What started off as a loose string on our old rug in our bathroom became a major face lift. So deciding to buy new rugs in our bathroom (while Christmas shopping) we decided to do some painting to freshen up our look. We really like the dark blue but it needed some brightness so to save on some energy and $$, I just painted one side a light blue (left over from when we painted Wendell's room) and left the rest the same old blue. So for "decoration" I painted some fish.. that look very childish but they're fun. Some look "mad" as Wendell calls them the "mad fish". He's right, they do look mad (the bigger ones by the basket). The best part was that I also put a new floor down. Just plain linoleum but I did it myself.. yep. I had a little help from my dad with getting the toilet off (and back down), which is much easier than you would think. So I pulled the trim around the floor, cut the linoleum myself and then put the trim back down. I painted myself too. So although it's not perfect, I can proudly say I did most of it myself. So if you ever need help, let me know as I can now say I know how to take off a toilet and put one back down (requires a wax ring - the most disgusting looking thing), and how to cut out linoleum. Next project: replacing linoleum squares on our basement laundry room floor... this one should be easy, like putting stickers down. This one Phil plans to help with : ) . Phil's current project was recaulking the shower downstairs.. eek.. not a fun job but we might have figured out how to fix our leak in the corner of our shower stall so hopefully that problem is solved. We'll know soon as the new caulk goes on tomorrow... and a good hot shower to follow.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

annual workout and lots of laughing

My good friend Sarah C. and I had our second "annual" River Plaza joint workout. This time last year we decided to have a girls afternoon and met at the River Plaza for some fun working out... so after getting a free one day pass I called Sarah to see if she was up for another afternoon at the Plaza and yes, she just couldn't resist our annual event. Starting off we swam for awhile, Sarah swimming twice as fast as me even though she doesn't train often vs. me who swims about twice a week for the past year. I guess that'll happen when I swim with a collegiate swimmer. I looked at Sarah and asked for some pointers.. then before I finished the question I say, lets just keep it to one or two as I know I have A LOT to learn. (Swimming is very much technique as well as muscle which I lack in both departments). After our swim we decide to take another shot at racquetball (just like last year). Both of us are really enjoy racquetball but don't really practice or have a lot of skills so we're pretty evenly matched or should I say mismatched. Neither one of us having played since.. well, last year. I was hoping to not get two injuries that I got last year (neither appropriate to post)... and to not pass out from the new paint smell they had on the courts. We warmed up and after a few rounds of the ball bouncing off ALL the walls we decide to get serious. We actually got the hit the ball 30 times straight (15 each) which is a new all time high for us... last year being around 20 if I remember correctly. And about 1/2 way through our never ending match, we got the giggles. Now most of you who knows us, know that neither Sarah or I are major giggly kind of people but if you get us on racquetball court there is no option but to laugh, and I mean Laugh Out Loud kind of laugh... I can't image what God thought of the "game". Anyways, it was great way to burn some stress and it's a treat for me to actually work out with someone as I usually go alone. So thanks to Sarah for the good laughs. I look forward to next years annual workout!

funny story?

I think it is. You decide.

So I tried a new recipe tonight that called for enchilada sauce. Not really realizing (until it was all made) that the sauce I bought was medium spicy I tasted it and thought, hmmm.. a little spicy, not sure how the kids will do with this. So a few minutes before we round up to the table I quietly tell Phil, the sauce is a bit spicy just to warn you, the kids might not like it. A few minutes later we are getting ready to eat and Phil tastes it, he tell me it's not that spicy... they should be fine. So the first one to take a bite is Harlie and she makes a face like she just took a bite of the hottest boiling food she has ever had so Phil tells her to spit it out and quickly gives her some milk. After she drinks 1/2 the cup, we touch the food to find that it was NOT hot at all. Lukewarm at the best. Not missing a beat, we turn to Wendell who asks in the most sweet tone: Why does my tongue hurt? Hmm.. guess the medium spicy isn't going over so well. We give Harlie another bite and within a few second she reacts the same way the first time and so we give her the rest of her milk + a refill. Luckily, I had some leftover meat/bean mixture so I was able to make two quick burritos without the spicy sauce. In the end, Phil and I are chuckling at the situation. Hope you are too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

GRUMP week

I think this week should be labeled GRUMP week for all us stay at home moms. I got together with some moms this morning and all of us were talking about how our little ones have pushed our buttons this week. I know I'm very much in the group.. I think this is such hard topic to talk about because most moms, like myself, feel horribly guilty and ashamed of my behavior when things get tough at home. I kind of feel like my normal prayers aren't working so my latest one is "please don't let them remember the last few days". So, although it's nice to know I'm not alone, I sure hope all moms out there can feel some peace even when we get grumpy.

Lately, my studies with God have told me that 1. No matter what I do, God loves me very much. 2. My sins are already forgiven. 3. There is a reason for these hard times, and that is for me to learn and grow. Because, God turns everything bad into something good. So during times like this, I have to lean on these core beliefs. I have to choose to either trust God with these truths or I choose the other, and that is Satan and his lies. And I fully believe that Satan has a very special lie for each of us to worry about, something unique that gets to our core.

So anyone who prays out there.. here is my first prayer request. To pray for all us moms - that we can be loving, patient and kind with our family (and that they don't remember the really tough days : ). And if you don't normally pray, maybe you would for me, just this one time.