Tuesday, January 13, 2015

8 years old

Wendell is such a good boy, we are so blessed to have him in our family.  So many complain about boys but ours is a gem.  He's a soft and gentle spirit, meek and mild.  He loves school, loves to learn, loves to be challenged.  He likes to try new things, enjoys playing outside - even when it's freezing cold out, loves his DS/Wii/computer games, even likes to cook and read.  Does not love his chores, homework, or cleaning up but he does it.  He is growing into a new phase of not a little boy anymore.  We can see him growing up physically, spiritually and mentally... about the same emotionally.  He's also showing more signs of frustration with Harlie, and fighting and arguing is happening more.  Maybe it's a phase, maybe it's part of growing up, maybe it's the weather.  One thing we're working on this week/month is more chores - more organized daily cleaning - having a rhythm to our day, even at 8 years old.  And learning to respect, listen, and communicate with each other.

Anyways, Wendell is 8 now and here are some pictures from this years fun birthday celebrations!

Did you catch all that?  Mom, Dad and Ali ate lunch with him at school.  Wendell handed out treats at school.  A few presents.  Squeezed in some Chucky E Cheese and an 8 birthday cake (that Wendell helped make).   What else could an 8 year old boy want?