Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas 2015

The most stressful time of the year but also packed with love, fun, and celebrations.

Alveda playing with the nativity.
Decorating a ginger bread house.
This is a redo.. we had a lot of fun!
Music concerts. 
Wendell had a speaking part.
Travels means packing to the max.
 Out to eat with my dad and step mom.
   Fun shirts from G&G McCulley
 Our Christmas
 Our Christmas head band, it jingles : ) 
 At G&G Hunt's.  She loved playing in the kennel.  
 Found this gem on our travels.  Relation to Phil.

We had a good year and enjoyed Christmas for the most part.  It's always a bit hectic and lots of travels but it does get easier as the kids get older.  We did our Jesse tree again and enjoy teaching the kids about Jesus' history and birth.  In America, we make Christmas a big deal, and it is for so many good reasons.  Praise God for the ability to have such joy and fun with our friends and family!


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